The Jews of Italy



The history of the Jews in Italy is the longest continuous one of European Jewry and lasted for more than two millennia. It started in the days of the Roman Republic and continued through the Middle Ages to Modern Times. Jewish Italy served as melting pot throughout its history, first for migrants from East to West and eventually from all over the Mediterranean littoral and beyond. Some of them moved on from Italy to other countries, while the majority stayed on in the country for generations. This volume of their history covers the first seven centuries of Jewish presence on the peninsula from the days of the Maccabees to Pope Gregory the Great. It is based on archaeological finds in Rome and elsewhere in Italy, on relevant literary and legal sources and on other records.

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Shlomo Simonsohn is Professor Emeritus of Jewish History at Tel Aviv University. He is a former rector of the university and former chairman of the Rectors and Presidents Conference of Israel. He has published extensively on the history of the Jews in Italy, the Papal See and the Jews, and cognate subjects.
Chapter 1. Historical Background
Chapter 2. Jewish Settlements and their Demography
Chapter 3. The Jews and the Law
Chapter 4. The Socio-Economic Setting
Chapter 5. Jews and Judaism as the Roman Pagans Saw Them
Chapter 6. Rome and Romans as the Jews Saw Them
Chapter 7. Judaism and Christianity
Chapter 8. The Culture of Italian Jewry
Chapter 9. The Jewish Community
Those interested in the history of Italy and its Jews: academic libraries, historians, students (undergraduate and post-graduate), and general public, particularly in English speaking countries.
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