Rising China and Its Postmodern Fate, Volume II

Grandeur and Peril in the Next World Order

In Volume II of his study, Rising China and Its Postmodern Fate, Charles Horner continues his examination of how China’s continuously changing view of its modern historical experience is also changing its understanding of its long intellectual and cultural tradition. He reflects on China's current rise, not as an anomaly, but as part of a long tradition of dramatic transformations and he therefore looks at many different Chinas as they interact with various world systems and ever-changing trends. He sees China’s formation of its future Grand Strategy as a creative intellectual activity which draws on the strategic imagination that can be found in history, literature, art, architecture and urban planning.

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Charles Horner studied China’s history at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago, National Taiwan University, and Tokyo University. He is Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, served in the U.S. Government, and taught at Georgetown University.
Acknowledgements, Volume ii, Horner, Rising China
A Note on Romanization and the Pronunciation
of Chinese (from Volume i)
List of Figures
Chapter 1 Empires Old and New, East and West, Traditional and Modern, and With More to Come
Chapter 2 The Multi-Front War for the Chinese Mind: Mapping the Battlefield
Chapter 3 Where No Man Has Gone Before: Urban China in the Twenty-First Century
Chapter 4 Empire’s Irresistible Lure: Creating a Pre-modern Polity in a Postmodern Age
Anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the prospects for China’s still uncompleted modernization and the implications of the emergence of a “postmodern” China for the rest of the world.