The Jews of Medieval Islam

Community, Society and Identity. Proceedings of an International Conference held by the Institute of Jewish Studies, University College London 1992


This volume contains fifteen articles on the communal, social, and intellectual life of medieval Jewry in Islamic lands. The book is divided into three parts. Part I, 'Communities and Their Leaders' is devoted to the old Babylonian center in the East and the Andalusian community in the West. Part II, 'Self-Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Others' investigates the ways in which medieval Jews living under Islam viewed their gentile neighbours and expressed their own identity. Part III, 'Religious Philosophy, Mysticism, and Spirituality in Islam and Judaism' explores the impact of Islamic thought on the Jewish intellectual tradition.
The collection depicts a civilization at once unified and diverse, revealing both consistent patterns of leadership and scholarship as well as distinctively local identities and collective memories.

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Daniel Frank, Ph.D. (1991) in Near Eastern Languages, Harvard University, is a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and Wolfson College, Oxford. He has written on Karaite religious philosophy and biblical exegesis and is working on a study of Judah Halevi.
'...a richly interesting collection. It provides much encouragement and material for anyone interested in understanding the diversity and creativity of the medieval Islamic world, and in particular for the interaction between Islam and other religions.'
Averil Cameron, Bulletin of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies, 1999.
All those interested in Judaism and Islam medieval history, intellectual history, theology, religious studies, Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Hebraists, and Arabists.
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