Between China and Japan

The Writings of Joshua Fogel


Over the past thirty-five years, Joshua Fogel has pioneered the study of Sino-Japanese cultural and political relations—understood as the intersections of the histories of these two countries. This volume brings together many of his essays and reviews in this new field. For a variety of reasons discussed within, scholars have been reluctant to look at these two nation’s historical connections, either through comparative analysis or actual interactions. Fogel’s work has focused squarely here. Among the issues addressed are Japanese scholarly views of modern China and Chinese history, Chinese considerations of the Japanese language in the Ming and Qing periods, the Japanese immigration to the East Asian Mainland (especially to Shanghai and Harbin), and more.

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Joshua A. Fogel, Ph.D. (1980), Columbia University, is Canada Research Chair and Professor of History at York University in Toronto. He has published over 50 books (monographs, edited volumes, and translations).


Students and scholars working in modern Chinese and Japanese history, especially those interested in comparative history and interactions between the two countries — also, trans-national history.

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