Legenda Christiani and Modern Historiography


Legenda Christiani and Modern Historiography focuses on the long history of the discussion over the authenticity of Legenda Christiani, a crucial text for the medieval history of the Czech lands. First, this study shows the birth and development of a critical historiography in the era of nationalism (19th-20th C.). Second, it explains the different textual strategies used by historiography in the modern era. Third, comparison with similar discussions about the consistency in or the age of medieval texts is offered. This book will be of interest for medievalists and for those studying the historiography of the Middle Ages.

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David Kalhous, Ph.D. (1978), Masaryk University, Brno, is senior researcher in medieval history. He has published monographs and articles on the history of Central Europe in the Middle Ages, including Anatomy of a Duchy. The Political and Ecclesiastical Structures of Early Přemyslid Bohemia (Brill, 2012).
Acknowledgements vii
List of Illustrations viii
1 Points of view? Introduction 1
2 Certainty and Doubts: Legenda Christiani in the Controversy of the
Baroque and Enlightenment Era 9
3 “Our Oldest Chronicle”: Josef Pekař and His Opponents 23
4 Intermezzo: The Victory of Josef Pekař? 56
5 Ancient Compilation or Modern Forgery: Václav Chaloupecký and His
Opponents 66
6 The Victory of Authenticity? Jaroslav Ludvíkovský and His
Opponents 101
7 Historiographical Debate: The Case Legenda Christiani 122
Medieval Primary Sources 139
Primary Sources 139
Literature 146
Index 153
All interested in the birth and further development of the so-called critical historiography in 19th and first half of 20th C., or those, who work on medieval Latin hagiography.
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