A Companion to Early Modern Lima


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A Companion to Early Modern Lima introduces readers to the Spanish American city which became a vibrant urban center in the sixteenth-century world. As part of Brill's Companions to the Americas series, this volume presents current interdisciplinary research focused on the Peruvian viceregal capital. From ancient roots to its foundation by Pizarro, Lima was transformed into an imperial capital positioned between Atlantic and Pacific exchange networks. An international team of scholars examines issues ranging from literary history, politics, and religion to philosophy, historiography, and modes of intercontinental influence. The volume is divided into three sections: urban development and government, society, and culture. The essays collectively represent the scope of contemporary approaches, methodologies, and source materials pertinent to the study of sixteenth-century Lima, a city at the center of global interchange in the early modern world.

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Emily A. Engel is an independent scholar based in Southern California who has published several articles on visual culture in early modern South America and coedited with Thomas Cummins Manuscript Cultures in Colonial Mexico and Peru: New Questions and Approaches (2015).
This book is a remarkable collection of nineteen essays on colonial Lima, edited by Emily A. Engel for Brill's Companions to the Americas series. Divided into three parts—urban development and government, society, and culture—this is an interdisciplinary exploration of a Habsburg imperial capital, whose cultural, institutional, and economic innovation put it at the center of the early modern world. It is challenging to summarize all the achievements of the essays here, but for scholars interested in early modern and colonial studies, they are all thought provoking and enlightening. […] Altogether, this volume is a great contribution to the field.”
Carlos Gálvez-Peña, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. In: Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 74, No. 3 (Fall 2021), pp. 1009–1011.


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List of Archival Sources
Notes on Contributors
  Emily A. Engel

Part 1:  Urban Development and Government

 1 The Cultural Trajectory of the Central Peruvian Coast, The Territory and Its People in the Valleys of Pre-Hispanic Lima
  Giancarlo Marcone Flores
 2 Before Lima: The Rímac-Lurín Area on the Eve of Spanish Conquest
  Peter Eeckhout
 3 Taxation, Obligation, and Corporate Identity in 16th-Century Lima
  Karen B. Graubart
 4 Making Urban Colonial Lima (1535-1650): Pipelines and Plazas
  Martha G. Bell and Gabriel Ramón
 5 Lima: A Legal City in the Early Colonial Andes (1538-1600)
  Renzo Honores
 6 Don Juan de Padilla y Pastrana (1596-1670), Advocate of Peru’s Indigenous Population?
  Alexandre Coello de la Rosa

Part 2:  Society

 7 Lima and the Introduction of Peru into the Global Trade of the 16th Century
  Margarita Suárez
 8 Indigenous Populations in Early Lima: Origins, Possessions, and Networks
  Gabriela Ramos
9 Society and Education: The University of San Marcos in the 16th Century
  Pedro M. Guibovich Pérez
 10 Women Writers and Hispanic Hegemony in the 17th-Century Viceroyalty of Peru: The Cases of Clarinda and Amarilis
  Martina Vinatea Recoba
 11 “Para el aumento del servicio de Dios [For the intensification of service to God]”: Formalization of Piety and Charity in Lima’s Confraternities during the 16th and 17th Centuries
  Diego Edgar Lévano Medina
 12 Unsettling and Unsettled Readings: Occult Scripts in 16th-Century Lima and the Challenges of Andean Knowledge
  Claudia Brosseder

Part 3:  Culture

 13 “Reina, limpia y pura [Queen of Heaven, clean and pure]”, Italian Painters and Marian Imagery in 16th-Century Lima
  Irma Barriga Calle
 14 Fashioning Lima’s Virgin of Copacabana: Indigenous Strategies of Negotiation in the Colonial Capital
  Ximena A. Gómez
 15 Privileging the Local: Prints and the New World in Early Modern Lima
  Emily C. Floyd
 16 British Piracy and the Origins of a Colonial Imaginary in 16th-Century Lima
  María Gracia Ríos
 17 The Book and Western Culture in 16th-Century Lima
  Carlos Alberto González Sánchez
 18 The Callao Contract of 1599: Actors Set the Stage for an Early Modern Lima
  Susan Finque
 19 The Sonic Construction of a New Capital: Urban Soundscapes and Acoustic Communities in 16th-Century Lima
  Javier Marín-López
  Leo J. Garofalo

This book is particularly relevant for anyone interested in the history of the early modern world, in particular the Spanish American world from students to seasoned researchers alike.
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