A Companion to Music at the Habsburg Courts in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries


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A Companion to Music at the Habsburgs Courts in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, edited by Andrew H. Weaver, is the first in-depth survey of Habsburg musical patronage over a broad timeframe. Bringing together existing research and drawing upon primary sources, the authors, all established experts, provide overviews of the musical institutions, the functions of music, the styles and genres cultivated, and the historical, political, and cultural contexts for music at the Habsburg courts. The wide geographical scope includes the imperial courts in Vienna and Prague, the royal court in Madrid, the archducal courts in Graz and Innsbruck, and others. This broad view of Habsburg musical activities affirms the dynasty’s unique position in the cultural life of early modern Europe.

Contributors are Lawrence Bennett, Charles E. Brewer, Drew Edward Davies, Paula Sutter Fichtner, Alexander J. Fisher, Christine Getz, Beth L. Glixon, Jeffrey Kurtzman, Virginia Christy Lamothe, Honey Meconi, Sara Pecknold, Jonas Pfohl, Pablo L. Rodríguez, Steven Saunders, Herbert Seifert, Louise K. Stein, and Andrew H. Weaver.

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Andrew H. Weaver (Ph.D., Yale University) is Professor of Musicology at The Catholic University of America. He has published widely on music at the seventeenth-century Habsburg courts, including Sacred Music as Public Image for Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III (Ashgate, 2012).

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Andrew H. Weaver
 1 Politics, Religion, and Music at the Early Modern Habsburg Courts: Some Context
Paula Sutter Fichtner with Andrew H. Weaver

Part 1: Institutional Contexts

 2 The Court Chapels of the Habsburg-Burgundian Line: From Emperor Maximilian I to Emperor Charles V
Honey Meconi
 3 The Court Chapels of the Spanish Line: From King Philip II to King Charles II
Pablo L. Rodríguez
 4 The Court Chapels of the Austrian Line (I): From Emperor Ferdinand I to Emperor Matthias
Jonas Pfohl
 5 The Court Chapels of the Austrian Line (II): From Archduke Charles II to Emperor Leopold I
Lawrence Bennett, Steven Saunders, and Andrew H. Weaver
 6 The Court Chapels of the Tyrolean Line: From Archduke Ferdinand II to Archduke Ferdinand Charles
Sara Pecknold

Part 2: Cultural Contexts

 7 Italian Musical Dramatic Genres at the Courts of the Austrian Habsburgs
Herbert Seifert
 8 Festivity and Spectacle at the Spanish Royal Court
Louise K. Stein
 9 Contexts for and Functions of Instrumental Music in Central Europe
Charles E. Brewer
 10 Manuscript Culture: The Habsburg-Burgundian Scriptorium and Some Successors
Honey Meconi
 11 Print Culture: Printed Music and Other Media in the Service of the Habsburgs
Andrew H. Weaver
 12 Colonialism and Music in Habsburg New Spain
Drew Edward Davies

Part 3: International Contexts

 13 Die Teutsche Nation: Musical Links between the Habsburg Courts and the German States of the Empire
Alexander J. Fisher
 14 Milan: Imperial City and ‘Theatre of the World’
Christine Getz
 15 Musical Connections between the Austrian Habsburgs and Venice in the Late Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
Beth L. Glixon, Jeffrey Kurtzman, and Steven Saunders
 16 A Tale of Two entrate:Processions, Politics, and Patronage for the Habsburgs in Sixteenth – and Seventeenth-Century Rome
Virginia Christy Lamothe

Anybody interested in the Habsburgs, courtly life, or the political use of music in the early modern era; ideal for graduate students and historians wishing to learn more about Habsburg musical life.
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