Pentecostal Aesthetics

Theological Reflections in a Pentecostal Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics.


Pentecostals have not sufficiently worked out a distinctively Pentecostal philosophy of art and aesthetics. In Pentecostal Aesthetics: Theological Reflections in a Pentecostal Philosophy of Art and Aesthetics, with a foreword by Amos Yong, Steven Félix-Jäger corrects this by reflecting theologically on art and aesthetics from a global Pentecostal perspective, particularly through a pneumatic Pentecostal lens. Félix-Jäger contends that a Pentecostal philosophy of art and aesthetics must comply with the global, experiential, and pneumatocentric nature of the Pentecostal movement. Such a philosophy can be ontologically grounded in a relativistic theory of art. Theological reflections concerning the nature and purpose of art must then be sensitive to the ontological foundations secured thereof. In this fashion, Pentecostals can gain ample insight about the Spirit’s work in today’s contemporary artworld.

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Biographical Note

Steven Félix-Jäger, Ph.D. (2014), University of Wales/Glyndŵr University, is an adjunct professor of theology at Southeastern University and the director of youth ministries at a local church. He has published articles on art and theology, and aesthetics.

Review Quotes

“This book is striking and unusual, coming as it does from a practising artist, and one steeped in the Pentecostal/charismatic tradition. Félix-Jäger seeks nothing less than an 'ontologically grounded' global Pentecostal philosophy of art and aesthetics. The result is an engaging and readable work, offering an imaginative reorientation of the theology and arts field around the person and work of the Holy Spirit.”
- Jeremy Begbie, Thomas A. Langford Research Professor of Theology at Duke University

“The linking of the Holy Spirit with artistic skill by Christian theologians goes back to St Clement of Alexandria in the 2nd century. Dr Félix-Jäger is, therefore part of a long tradition in discussing Pentecostalism and the arts, and he makes a valuable and fascinating contribution to his topic.”
- Patrick Sherry, Professor Emeritus at Lancaster University

“Félix-Jäger’s book on 'Pentecostal Aesthetics' is a very welcome addition to the conversation on theology and art. It represents a movement away from the generalized approaches to more specific interaction with theological traditions and the specific practices of these traditions. The book lays out a helpful framework for considering a Spirit based aesthetic and puts this in conversation with other voices. The book both invites and advances a broader conversation on religion and the arts.”
- William Dyrness, Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, author of "Poetic Theology" God and the Poetics of Everyday Life" (2011).


All interested in theological aesthetics, contemporary art, art history, Pentecostalism (movement), Pentecostal theology, play theology, and church worship. Also those who are interested in analytical aesthetics, particularly that of Arthur Danto.

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