National Space Law in China

An Overview of the Current Situation and Outlook for the Future


China has made rapid developments in space technologies and space activities in the last few years, however, it still lags behind in the legal arena. In order to provide guidelines for and promote further development of space activities, China should speed up its national space legislation process. In National Space Law in China, Yun Zhao offers a comprehensive study of national space laws, regulations and policies in China. It contains rich information and materials of China’s space law and practice. As the first English monograph on national legislation on space law in China, this book shall contribute to the understanding of China’s current legal regime for space activities and future national space legislation.

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Yun Zhao, Ph.D. (2003) in International Law, Faculty of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong. He has published monographs and many articles on space law and dispute resolution.
Excerpt of table of contents:
Preface; Acknowledgements; List of Abbreviations;
Chapter 1 Introduction
1. Space Exploration and the Development of Space Law
2. Development of Space Technologies and Activities in China
3. Principles and Policy for Space Activities in China
4. National Space Regulation in China: Treatment of the Subject Matter
Chapter 2 An Overview of the Space Regulatory Regime in China
1. An Introduction to the Chinese Legal System and Legislation
2. An Introduction to the Legislation Process in China
3. Administrative Authorities for Space Activities
4. Regulation of Aerospace Companies
5. China’s Domestic Legal Regime for Space Activities
6. China’s Participation in the International Space Regime
7. Conclusion
Chapter 3 Regulation of Space Launch Activities
1. Introduction
2. Overview of the Space Launch Industry
3. Licensing Regime for Space Launch Activities
4. Registration of Space Objects
5. Insurance Regime for Space Launch Activities
6. Liability Regime
7. Conclusion
Chapter 4 Regulation of Remote Sensing Activities and Other Satellite Applications
1. Introduction
2. Regulation of Remote Sensing in China
3. Conclusion
Chapter 5 The Regulatory Regime for the Telecommunications Industry
1. Introduction
2. Liberalization of Telecommunications Services under the WTO Framework
3. Achieving Competition
4. Licensing of Telecommunications Services
5. Interconnection
6. Telecommunications Charges
7. Telecommunication Infrastructure Construction
8. Market Entry and Foreign Investment in the Chinese Telecommunications Market
9. Universal Services
10. Allocation and Use of Scarce Resources
11. Content Regulations
12. Radio Regulation
13. Direct Television Broadcasting
14. The Beidou Navigation Satellite System (COMPASS)
15. Conclusion
Chapter 6 Export Control over Space Products
1. Introduction
2. Major Governmental Bodies Involved in Export Controls
3. Legal Framework for Export Controls in China
4. The Impact of Foreign Export Control Measures on the Chinese Market
5. Suggestions on Further Development of Export Control Regime in China
6. Conclusion
Chapter 7 Intellectual Property Protection for Space Activities in China
1. Introduction
2. General Framework for Intellectual Property Protection
3. Intellectual Property Protection for Science and Technologies
4. Further Development of Intellectual Property Regime
5. Conclusion
Chapter 8 The Regulatory Regime for Environmental Protection and Space Debris
1. Introduction
2. Environmental Protection
3. Space Debris Mitigation Efforts
4. Conclusion
Chapter 9 Further Development of Space Law in China: Prospects for National Space Legislation
1. Introduction
2. Necessity of National Space Legislation
3. Principles for National Space Legislation
4. Means of National Space Legislation
5. A Possible Model for and Approaches to National Space Legislation
6. Possible Title/Term for National Space Legislation
7. Possible Contents to be Included in National Space Legislation
8. Conclusion
Chapter 10 Outer Space Ordinance in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
1. Introduction
2. Outer Space Ordinance and Licensing Regime
3. Outer Space Ordinance and National Space Legislation in China
4. Conclusion
Chapter 11 Conclusion
1. Development of Space Science and Technologies
2. Development of Space Law in China
3. The Way Ahead for China
Bibliography; Index.
All those who are interested in the study of space law and policy; and those in the field of Chinese studies.
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