Aspect, Tense and Action in the Arabic Dialect of Beirut


The linguistic categories of aspect, tense and action are closely interrelated. In the first part of Aspect, Tense and Action in the Arabic dialect of Beirut, Stefan Bruweleit defines the three categories and describes the interplay between them at a metagrammatical level. In the next parts he applies the theoretical findings of the first part to the Arabic dialect of Beirut, investigates the ways temporal, aspectual and actional categories are expressed and shows how to decide whether the verb system of the dialect has to be regarded as aspectual or as temporal. One of the main results of the work is the fact that a thorough understanding of a verb system is only possible through an understanding of the categorial interplay of aspect, tense and action.

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Stefan Bruweleit, Ph.D. (2003), University of Cologne, conducts research in the field of Semitic studies with a focus on Arabic and Aramaic.
Students and scholars interested in Semitic studies, language contact, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, metagrammar, verb system, and Lebanese dialects.
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