Across the Ocean: Nine Essays on Indo-Mediterranean Trade


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Across the Ocean contains nine essays, each dedicated to a key question in the history of the trade relations between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean from Antiquity to the Early Modern period: the role of the state in the Red Sea trade, Roman policy in the Red Sea, the function of Trajan’s Canal, the pepper trade, the pearl trade, the Nabataean middlemen, the use of gold in ancient India, the constant renewal of the Indian Ocean ports of trade, and the rise and demise of the VOC.

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Federico De Romanis is Associate Professor at the Università di Roma “Tor Vergata”. His publications include Cassia, cinnamomo, ossidiana. Uomini e merci tra Oceano Indiano e Mediterraneo (Rome 1996, 2006) and, as coeditor with A. Tchernia, Crossings: Early Mediterranean Contacts with India (Manohar 1997).
Marco Maiuro taught ancient history at Columbia University 2008-2014. Author of Res Caesaris. Ricerche sulla proprietà imperiale nel Principato (Bari 2012), he is currently Adjunct Assistant Professor of History at Columbia University and Associate Fellow of Columbia's Italian Academy for Advanced Studies.

Contributors are: Jean-Jacques Aubert, Jairus Banaji, Federico De Romanis, Harry Falk, Martha C. Howell, E. Lo Cascio, Marco Maiuro, Dario Nappo, Katia Schörle, Taco Terpstra and Andrew Wilson.
"[T]his good book first and foremost reinforces the position of the topic in question in ancient studies; in addition it opens interesting perspectives for future research in this field, for the method promoted by the editors is undoubtedly a good way to enhance our knowledge of the relationship between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean in antiquity." - Pierre Schneider, in: Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2016.02.27
"The volume is an important contribution to the study of Indo-Mediterranean exchange in antiquity, and, at the same time, it opens new and promising perspectives by successfully promoting comparative studies in this important fi eld of historical research." - Michael A. Speidel, in: Marburger Beiträge Zur Antiken Handels, Wirtschafts und Sozialgeschichte
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Federico De Romanis and Marco Maiuro

Part 1 - The Cradle of the Ancient India Trade: The Red Sea
1 Red Sea Trade and the State
Andrew Wilson
2 Trajan’s Canal: River Navigation from the Nile to the Red Sea?
Jean-Jacques Aubert
3 Pearls, Power, and Profit: Mercantile Networks and Economic Considerations of the Pearl Trade in the Roman Empire
Katia Schörle
4 Roman Policy on the Red Sea in the Second Century CE
Dario Nappo
5 Roman Trade with the Far East: Evidence for Nabataean Middlemen in Puteoli
Taco Terpstra

Part 2 - Comparative Perspectives on the India Trade
6 Indian Gold Crossing the Indian Ocean Through the Millennia
Harry Falk
7 ‘Regions that Look Seaward’: Changing Fortunes, Submerged Histories, and the Slow Capitalism of the Sea
Jairus Banaji
8 Comparative Perspectives on the Pepper Trade
Federico De Romanis
9 Into the East: European Merchants in Asian Markets During the Early Modern Period
Martha Howell
Elio Lo Cascio

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All interested in the social and economic history of the Roman Empire, Ancient India, and the Indian Ocean trade.
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