Challenges and Recusals of Judges and Arbitrators in International Courts and Tribunals

Challenges and Recusals of Judges and Arbitrators in International Courts and Tribunals examines one of the fundamental control mechanisms of international dispute resolution. In doing so, the book assesses procedures, standards and outcomes of challenges and recusals in some of the main international courts and tribunals, including the ICJ, ICSID, the PCA, the WTO, the Iran-US Claims Tribunal, the ICC and international criminal courts. The book analyzes specific grounds for challenges and how they are applied, while also presenting personal perspectives on challenges and recusals from the point of view of arbitrators and counsel. The book also examines regional differences in challenges and recusals. This unique approach allows a comparative view on both procedural and substantive issues, and also provides a clear and in-depth study of specific forums.

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Chiara Giorgetti is Associate Professor of Law at Richmond University Law School, where she teaches in the areas of international law and international dispute resolution. She has published extensively in these areas including the edited volumes Litigating International Investment Disputes - A Practitioner's Guide (Brill | Nijhoff, 2014) and The Rules, Practice, and Jurisprudence of International Courts and Tribunals (Brill | Nijhoff, 2012).

Chiara Giorgetti

1. The Challenges and Recusals at the International Court of Justice
Chiara Giorgetti

2. Disqualification of Arbitrators Under the ICSID Convention and Rules
Meg Kinnear and Frauke Nitschke

3. The Determination of Arbitrators Challenges by the Secretary-General of the Permanent Court of Arbitration
Sarah Grimmer

4. Arbitrator Challenges at the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal
Lee M. Caplan

5. Challenges of Arbitrators, Lessons from the ICC
Loretta Malintoppi and Andrea Carlevaris

6. Selection and Recusal in the WTO Dispute Settlement System
Gregory J. Spak and Ron Kendler

7. Challenges of Judges in International Criminal Courts and Tribunals
Makane Moïse Mbengue

8. Issue Conflicts and the Reasonable Expectation of an Open Mind: The Challenge Decision in Devas v. India and its Impact
Romain Zamour

9. Late-in-the-Day Arbitrator Challenges and Resignations: Anecdotes and Antidotes
Judith Levine

10. Repeat Arbitrator Appointments in International Investment Disputes
Luke A. Sobota

11. Tall and Small Tales of a Challenged Arbitrator
Charles N. Brower, Sarah Melikian and Michael P. Daly

12. The Approach of Counsel to Challenges in International Disputes
Andrew B. Loewenstein

13. Challenges to Party Representatives and Counsel Before International Courts and Tribunals
Hansel T. Pham and M. Imad Khan

14. Challenges to Arbitrators in Asia: The Position Before the Singapore and Hong Kong Courts
Lucy Reed, John Choong and Chan Yong Wei

15. Arbitrators Challenges in Latin America
Jonathan Hamilton, Francisco X. Jijon and Ernesto E. Corzo

All those interested in international dispute resolution and practicing in international courts and tribunals, both in academia and in private practice.
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