A Grammar of the Christian Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Diyana-Zariwaw


The detailed study of a rare Neo-Aramaic variety from north-eastern Iraq offered by Lidia Napiorkowska in A Grammar of the Christian Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Diyana-Zariwaw is a contribution to the documentation of the endangered world of spoken Aramaic. The comparative and contact-sensitive approach of the monograph situates the dialect of Diyana-Zariwaw in a wider context of Semitic languages on the one hand, and of the local varieties of Iraqi Kurdistan on the other.

Next to a systematic account of phonology and morphology, the book covers a range of syntactic features and is accompanied by a corpus of translated texts and a glossary, arranged according to the Aramaic, as well as English entries.

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Lidia Napiorkowska holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge where she currently works as an Affiliated Researcher. Her work focuses on the undocumented spoken varieties of Neo-Aramaic.
Researchers in Aramaic and Semitic languages, next to other linguists, such as dialectologists, socio- and descriptive linguists, and those interested in the history and culture of the Neo-Aramaic speaking Christians.
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