Dada and Beyond, Volume 1

Dada Discourses


Volume Editors: Elza Adamowicz and Eric Robertson
This collection of critical essays celebrates the subversive and challenging creativity of the Dada movement, born in pacifist Zurich in 1916 in violent reaction to the First World War. It examines the collective and individual activities that took place under the name of Dada in Zurich, Cologne, Berlin, Paris, New York and Barcelona, and explores the various creative forms employed, including text, collage, photomontage, objects, dance, performance and film. The authors suggest new ways of understanding the work of the most famous Dadaists, while also casting light on the contribution of hitherto neglected figures.
“Dada was a bomb”, declared Max Ernst in an interview in 1958. “Can you imagine anyone, almost half a century after the explosion of a bomb, trying to collect its fragments and stick them together in order to display them?” The aim of this volume is not to reconstitute the bomb, but to analyse some of its explosive effects and after-effects that continue to resonate nearly a century later. Far from attempting to reduce Dada to a homogeneous movement, or to define a unifying principle beneath and beyond the multiple directions taken by Dadaists, this collection aims to respect the diversity and heterogeneity of the movement’s collective activities as well as the specificity of its individual actors.

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List of Illustrations
Elza Adamowicz and Eric Robertson: Preface: Dada and Beyond: “Eggs Laid by Tigers”
Dada Politics, Dada Poetics
Henri Béhar: La Colombe poignardée: Dada politique
Anna Katharina Schaffner: Dissecting the Order of Signs: On the Textual Politics of Dada Poetics
Marc Décimo: Comment, autour de DADA, construction de la “modernité” et Description – Révolution – Révélation – Subversion de la langue s’articulèrent
Timo Kaitaro: Irresponsabilité dadaïste et surréaliste
Dada Objects
Mary Ann Caws: The Object of Dada
Eric Robertson: Everyday Miracles: Arp's Object-Language
Nina Parish: “Pour faire un livre dadaïste”: Dada Experimentation with Book Form
Dada Tactics
Raluca Lupu-Onet: Paul Nougé et les stratégies de dénégation
Ruth Hemus: The Manifesto of Céline Arnauld
Vincent Antoine: Johannes Baader, Dada et la folie
Dada Portraits and Identities
Raihan Kadri: Dadaist Poker: The Body and the Reformation of Form
Walburga Krupp: Hans Arp and Sophie Taeuber: The Quintessential Dada Couple
Aurélie Verdier: La Tentation du vide. Francis Picabia et le portrait dada
Elza Adamowicz: Between Museum and Fashion Journal: Hybrid Identities in the Photomontages of Hannah Höch
Dada Languages
Andreas Kramer: Speaking Dada: The Politics of Language
Andrew Rothwell: “Je détruis les tiroirs du cerveau”: Reading Incoherence in Picabia and Automatic Writing
David Christoffel: L’Envers mélodiste d’Unique Eunuque
Bernard Noël: Dada PaDada Dada