Neue Sachlichkeit and Avant-Garde


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One of the aims of the book is to shed more light on the notion Neue Sachlichkeit in its appearance in a variety of fields as painting, architecture, music, photography and literature, in order to get a clearer idea of its scope. Several contributions will do so by analysing the heterogeneity in the use of the term concerning its function in the fight for recognition in the art-fields around 1930 - in other words, Neue Sachlichkeit will be analysed as a positioning strategy. Especially its participation in the broader discourse on modernity, as well as its international and intermedial dimension will be highlighted, often using the historical avant-garde as point of reference. From this perspective, the present volume wants to be read as a plea for a differentiated description of the many shared aspects and some differences between the avant-garde and Neue Sachlichkeit.

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Ralf Grüttemeier, Klaus Beekman and Ben Rebel: Neue Sachlichkeit and Avant-Garde. An Introduction
I. Neue Sachlichkeit and the Discourse on Modernity
Gillis J. Dorleijn: Challenging the Autonomous Realm of Literature: Nieuwe Zakelijkheid and Poetry in the Dutch Literary Field
Kees van Wijk: “Yesterday Art Today Reality”. The Discourse on Neue Sachlichkeit in i 10
Marieke Kuipers: Rietveld and Nieuwe Zakelijkheid in Architecture
Mathijs Sanders: Nieuwe Zakelijkheid as Positioning Strategy: The Case of Albert Helman
II. The International and Intermedial Dimension of Neue Sachlichkeit
Ben Rebel: The Appearance and Disappearance of the Term Nieuwe Zakelijkheid in Dutch Modern Architecture
Klaus Beekman: The Terms Nieuwe Zakelijkheid, Neue Sachlichkeit and Nieuw Realisme in Art Criticism of the Dutch paper De Groene Amsterdammer
Nils Grosch: Neue Sachlichkeit, Mass Media and Matters of Musical Style in the 1920s
Hans Anten: “A book such as ‘Automobile’ is only written once in a lifetime”. Ilja Ehrenburg’s The life of the automobile as benchmark in the discussion of New Objectivity in Dutch literature
Ralf Grüttemeier: The Function of Ilja Ehrenburg Concerning the Dutch prose of the Nieuwe Zakelijkheid
Steve Plumb: Continuity Through ‘Inner Emigration’: Neue Sachlichkeit, National Socialism, and Aspects of the Work of Otto Dix 1933-1935
III. Neue Sachlichkeit and Avant-Garde
Sabine Kyora: Concepts of the Subject in the Avant-Garde Movements of the 1910s and Neue Sachlichkeit
Jaap Goedegebuure: The Reception of Neue Sachlichkeit among Dutch Authors and Critics
Lut Missinne: Objectivity and Emotion, the Challenge of the Nieuwe Zakelijkheid: Albert Kuyle As a Test Case
Rainer Grübel: New Objectivity in the Work of the Russian-German Artist Nikolai Zagrekov/Nikolaus Sagrekow
Willem G. Weststeijn: Aleksei Gan’s Constructivism and its aftermath
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