Truth, Reconciliation, and Evil


Truth, Reconciliation, and Evil analyses evil in a variety of forms—as an unspeakable crime, a discursive or narrative force, a political byproduct, and an inevitable feature of warfare. The collection considers the forms of loss that the workings of evil exact, from the large-scale horror of genocide to the individual grief of a self-destructive homelessness. Finally, taken together, the fourteen essays that comprise this volume affirm that the undoing of evil—the moving beyond it through forgiveness and reconciliation—needs to occur within the context of community broadly defined, wherein individuals and groups can see beyond themselves and recognise in others a shared humanity and common cause.
Truth, Reconciliation, and Evil consists of expanded versions of papers presented at the Fourth International Conference on Evil and Wickedness, held in Prague in March 2003. The essays represent a variety of disciplinary approaches, including those of anthropology, linguistics, literature, philosophy, and psychoanalysis.

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Preface PART I Keynote Address 1 David SCHALKWYK: Truth, Reconciliation, and Evil in South Africa PART II Language and Evil 2 Encarnación HIDALGO TENORIO: The Discourse of Good and Evil in Twentieth-Century Speeches 3 Karin DOERR: Words Beyond (the) Evil: Nazi German 4 Alan UDOFF: Jean Améry: Evil and the Language of Loss PART III Where Evil Arises 5 William Andrew MYERS: The Banality of Evil in an Age of Terrorism 6 Brad ERICKSON: Evil Folklore: Practices of Prejudice 7 Graeme R. GOLDSWORTHY and Frank FAULKNER: Landmines: The Evil That Men Do? A Perspective on the History, Myths, and Reality Concerning the Problems of the Continuing Global Landmines Issue 8 Margarita CARRETERO GONZÁLEZ: When Nature Responds to Evil Practices: A Warning from Ents of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth PART IV Evil, Monsters, and the Response to Evil 9 Gloria CIGMAN: The Evil That Men Do… 10 Margaret SÖNSER BREEN: Heroes and Monsters: The Politics of Survival in Spider-man and “A Long Line of Vendidas” 11 Fiona PETERS: Mad, Bad, or Difficult? Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s Lady Audley’s Secret and the Enigma of Femininity PART V Punishment, Mercy, and Forgiveness 12 Jody LEWEN: Punishing Evil: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on the Spectre of Prisoners in the Popular Imagination 13 Shelby WEITZEL: Forgiving the Unrepentant: Self-Respect and the Role of Third Parties 14 Dianne GEORGE: Lawlessness in the Wake of Evil: Reprisal in The Mandarins Notes on Contributors Index