Building Sustainable Communities

Environmental Justice & Global Citizenship


In this inter-disciplinary follow-up to Future as Fairness: Ecological Justice and Global Citizenship (edited by Haugestad and Wulfhorst, Rodopi 2004) 14 chapters explore a variety of conceptual and practical pathways to the building of sustainable communities. Five chapters provide different perspectives on sustainable and unsustainable agriculture. Other cases explored are wildlife valuations, distributional effects of environmental policy, the emerging American nuclear power renaissance, regulation of care use, job losses with a raising GDP, cooperation between labour and environmentalists, plant biotechnology, participatory decision making, acoustic ecology, decent competition, and fractality as a key to global citizenship and ecological justice. The introduction sketches a framework for constructive evaluation of the interrelationships between environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, communities, and social interactions.


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Table of contents

Introduction Part I: Between Respectfulness and Instrumentalism S. Ram VEMURI: Wildlife Valuations: Lessons of Learning for Environmental Valuation and Education Hanneke KRUIZE, Peter P.J. DRIESEN, Pieter GLASBERGEN, Klaas (N.D.) VAN EGMOND: Efficiency versus Equity: Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy in the Netherlands J.D. WULFHORST: Born Again? The U.S. Nuclear Power Movement Sudhir Chella RAJAN: Public Avenues to Private Spaces: Regulating the Car Jon L. BRYAN: Job Losses with a Rising GDP: An Unsustainable Mix for the U.S. Economy Part II: Responsible Stewardship and Sustainable Liberalism John T. CUMBLER: What is to be Done? Towards a World to which both Labour and Environmentalists can Hold Allegiance Jobst CONRAD: Plant Biotechnology Projects of a Regional Research Network: Differentiation in Innovation Strategies Elisa PIERI: The GM Nation Debate: Participatory Decision Making? Hugo Fjelsted ALRØE and Erik Steen KRISTENSEN: Organic Agriculture in a Global Perspective Allison Lengauer JORDAN, Jeff DLOTT and Kari BIRDSEYE: From Ground to Bottle: Sustainable Winegrowing Practices in California Catherine PHILLIPS: Conserving and Growing Alternatives: Theorising Seed Saving and Exchange Networks Part III: Games for the Future Lawrence HARVEY and Jules MOLONEY: Resounding Cities: Acoustic Ecology and Games Technology Anne K. HAUGESTAD: Decent Competition in a World of Households David LEVICK: Fractality: A Key to Global Citizenship and Ecological Justice Notes on Contributors