Memory, Mourning, Landscape


This volume sheds twenty-first-century light on the charged interactions between memory, mourning and landscape. A century after Freud, our understanding of how memory and mourning function continues to be challenged, revised and refined. Increasingly, scholarly attention is paid to the role of situation in memorialising, whether in commemorations of individuals or in marking the mass deaths of late modern warfare and disasters. Memory, Mourning, Landscape offers the nuanced insights provided by interdisciplinarity in nine essays by leading and up-and-coming academics from the fields of history, museum studies, literature, anthropology, architecture, law, geography, theology and archaeology. The vital visual element is reinforced with an illustrated coda by a practising artist. The result is a unique symbiotic dialogue which will speak to scholars from a range of disciplines.

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Kate McLoughlin: Introduction
Jay Winter: Designing a War Museum: Some Reflections on Representations of War and Combat
Joseph Clarke: The Sacred Names of the Nation’s Dead: War and Remembrance in Revolutionary France
Cynthia Wachtell: Memory, Mourning and Malvern Hill: Herman Melville and the Poetry of the American Civil War
Sarah Wagner: Tabulating Loss, Entombing Memory: The Srebrenica-Potočari Memorial Centre
Joel David Robinson: Lethean Landscapes: Forgetting in Late Modern Commemorative Spaces
Hilary Hiram: Morbid Family Pride: Private Memorials and Scots Law
Avril Maddrell: Memory, Mourning and Landscape in the Scottish Mountains: Discourses of Wilderness, Gender and Entitlement in Online Debates on Mountainside Memorials
Alana M. Vincent: Seder and Imagined Landscape
Erin Halstad-McGuire: Sailing Home: Boat-Graves, Migrant Identities and Funerary Practices on the Viking Frontier
Judith Tucker: The Lido in the Forest: Memory, Landscape, Painting
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