Creating Destruction

Constructing Images of Violence and Genocide


This volume offers new and fascinating insights into some of the most urgent and relevant dimensions of violence in our time. Specialists from a broad range of disciplines explore some of the reasons and ways in which humans choose to harm one another. The two sections of the book engage a common theme, namely how ideological constructions influence, facilitate, and shape the understanding of our own involvement in violence. Whilst the first section focuses on one specific form of violence, namely genocide, the second explores our construction of violent images: verbally, visually, aurally, legally, socially, imaginally. This book should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand the multi-faceted and complex dimensions of violence in our contemporary, global world.

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Nancy Billias: Preface
Constructing Genocide
Thomas Cooper: The Uses of Adversaries: Normalising Violence through the Construction of the Other
Nico Carpentier: The Ideological Model of War: Discursive Mediations of the Self and the Enemy
Roger Bromley: Beast, Vermin, Insect - Hate Media and the Construction of the Enemy: The Case of Rwanda, 1990-1994
Leonhard Praeg: Genocide, or the Aporia of Collective Violence
Constructing Images of Violence
Kirsten Pavlovic: Sovereignty, Law and Australia’s Sacred Men
Yaso Nadarajah: A Community in Constant Transition: Propagating a Yield of Conflict and Violence?
Nathan Roger: Abu Ghraib Abuse Images: From Perverse War Trophies through Internet Based War Porn to Artistic Representations and Beyond
Marie-Luise Kohlke: Sublime Violations: Trauma Literature and the Search for Transcendence through Violence
Monika Schwaerzler: Digital Worlds and the Sound of Violence
Fiona Sprott: Single Girls and Serial Killers: Sex, Slaughter and the City
Michael Staudigl: Vulnerable Embodiments: A Phenomenological Approach to the Many Faces of Violence
Notes on Contributors