Body Show/s

Australian viewings of live performance


Volume Editor:
Body Show/s: Australian Viewings of Live Performance asks: in what ways do physical bodies in live performance present vital and compelling expressions of ideas?
This collection contains critical analyses of cultural spectacle and social identity by eighteen major Australian scholars and practitioners. It discusses and describes bodies in contemporary performance, theatre, visual art and dance; in circus and ethnographic shows; in performance training, butoh and wrestling; at gay and lesbian dance parties; and in relation to digital images. It explores historical and theoretical issues of gender and postcoloniality, technology, and the location of bodies in architectural, social and virtual spaces.
Artistes and groups discussed include Sydney Front, Open City, The Performance Space, Meryl Tankard’s Australian Dance Theatre, Chrissie Parrott, the Bell Shakespeare Company, Tess De Quincey, Yumi Umiumare, Gilgul Theatre, Lyndal Jones, Stelarc, Death Defying Theatre, colonial circus, ethnographic displays, the horse as performer, and wrestling legends Gorgeous George and Ravishing Ricky Rude.

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Peta Tait is a leading scholar of physical theatre, circus and women’s performance, who works with The Party Line performance group, Sydney. Her books include Converging Realities: Feminism in Australian Theatre (1994) and the co-edited Australian Women’s Drama: Texts and Feminisms (1997).
”…an illuminating look […] at Australian performance that deserves wide notice.” in: Theatre Research International, Vol. 28/2, 2003
Foreword by the Series Editor
List of photographs
Peta TAIT: Introduction: A/live performance
I. Citings
Jane GOODALL: Acting savage
Bill DUNSTONE: Performing colonial bodies and (as) work
David WILLIAMS: Performing animal, becoming animal
Peta TAIT: Fleshed, muscular phenomenologies: across sexed and queer circus bodies
II Sightings
Kerrie SCHAEFER: Staging seduction: the Sydney Front and the postmodern geopolitics of theatre's bodies and spaces
Angharad WYNNE-JONES: Catalogue notes: independent female artists at The Performance Space 1991-97
Edward SCHEER: Of fears and violent fantasies: performance and responsibility in Open City's All That Flows
Sharon MAZER: Real men don’t wear shirts: presenting masculinity in professional wrestling.
Adrian KIERNANDER: The unclassic body in the theatre of John Bell.
Edward SCHEER: Liminality and corporeality: Tess De Quincey's butoh
Peter ECKERSALL: What can't be seen can be seen: butoh politics and (body) play
III. Sitings
Julian MEYRICK: Filthy spaces: the investment of non-theatre venues in Melbourne 1990-95
Anne MARSH: Obsolescent bodies and prosthetic gods
Jonathan BOLLEN: Animated suspension: dance parties and the choreography of community
Cynthia BARNES: Death Defying Theatre and community: organisational body transformed
Adrian KIERNANDER: The impossibilities of the dance body: the work of Meryl Tankard
Karen PEARLMAN: Learning to read the physical mind
Rachel FENSHAM: Mediating the body: dance and technology
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