China and Its Others

Knowledge Transfer through Translation, 1829-2010


Volume Editors: James St. André and Hsiao-yen PENG
This volume brings together some of the latest research by scholars from the UK, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to examine a variety of issues relating to the history of translation between China and Europe, aimed at increasing dialogue between Chinese studies and translation studies. Covering the nineteenth century to the present, the essays tackle a number of important issues, including the role of relay translation, hybridity and transculturation, methods for the incorporation of foreign words and concepts, the problems entailed by the importation of foreign paradigms and epistemes, the role of public institutions, the issue of agency, and the role of metaphors to conceptualize translation. By examining the dissemination of certain key terms from the West to the East, often through pivotal languages, and by laying bare the transformation of knowledge conveyed through these terms, the essays go well beyond the “difference and similarity” comparison model in the investigation of East-West relations, demonstrating that transcultural hybridity is a more meaningful topic to pursue. Moreover, they demonstrate how the translator, always working simultaneously under several domestic and foreign institutions, needs to resort to “selection, deletion and compromise”, in other words personal free choice, when negotiating among institutional powers.

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James St. André and Peng Hsiao-yen: Introduction: Setting the Terms
Translation from the Nineteenth Century to the fall of the Qing in 1911
James St. André: Exploring the Role of Pseudo-translation in the History of Translation: Marryat’s Pacha of Many Tales
Max K. W. Huang: The War of Neologisms: The Competition between the Newly Translated Terms Invented by Yan Fu and by the Japanese in the Late Qing
Joyce C. H. Liu: The Translation of Ethics: The Problem of Wang Guowei
Republican China and the PRC to 1979
Peng Hsiao-yen: A Traveling Disease: The “Malady of the Heart,” Scientific Jargon, and Neo-Sensation
Pei-Yin Lin: Translating the Other: On the Re-circulations of the Tale Sayon‘s Bell
Elaine Yin-ling Ng: The Translator’s Style in Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea (1956)
Sasha Hsiang-yin Chen: The Origin of the Family, Public Property and the Communist State: Transmitting and Translating Kollontai in the Early Soviet Union and May Fourth China
Reflections upon the Translation of Contemporary Literary Texts
Yang Xiaobin: Transference as Narcissistic or Traumatic Experience: Contemporary Chinese Poets (Mis-)Translated from Their Western Predecessors
Cosima Bruno: Words by the Look: Issues in Translating Chinese Visual Poetry
Te-hsing Shan: Text, Context, and Dual Contextualization: Personal Reflections on a Thick Translation of Gulliver’s Travel
Notes on Contributors