Jacques Prévert

From Film and Theater to Poetry, Art and Song


A wide-ranging study of Prévert’s promethean imagination and creativity in the interwoven realms of theatre, film, poetry, art, photography, and song, Michael Bishop’s Jacques Prévert seeks to demonstrate the originality of a genial fabricator of image and word whose essential focus, unpretentious yet urgently felt, unintellectualised yet buoyantly and wittily intelligent, ever remains the quality of our daily being-in-the-world, the possibility of our self-transformation, the stunning availability – should we truly will it, and despite all that can weigh upon existence, above all ideologically – of joy and love and freedom.


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Table of contents

INHERITANCE AND CLIMATE. From Romanticism to the First World War. Childhood. Final Apprenticeships. SOCIETY AND ETHICS. Social Structures, Ideology. Anarchy, Freedom. Language, Intelligence, Science. Children, People. Values? EMOTION. An Aesthetics of Emotion? Complication, (Com)passion. Fear, (Self-)punishment. The Marvelous. Laughter. (Self-)love. Festivity, Joy. EARTH. Profundity, Beauty. Recognition, Embrace. Animals. Trees. Other Things. Streets. ART. Picasso. Miró. Calder. Henriquez. Léger. Braque. Klee. Ribemont-Dessaignes. Charbonnier. From Chagall and Giacometti to Vasarely and Magritte. Prévert’s Collages. FILM, THEATER, PHOTOGRAPHY. Film: Beginnings. Film: Preferences. Film: Creations. Theater: Octobre. Theater: Beyond Octobre. Photography: From Ronis to Boubat. Photography: Ylla, Villers, Doisneau, Izis. SONG AND SPEECH. Song: From Fernandel, Cora Vaucaire and Edith Piaf to Serge Reggiani, Yves Montand and Marlene Dietrich. Speech: Literature, Genre, Word. Form? Play and Purpose. ORIGINALITIES. Writing Around Prévert. Writing Beyond Prévert. Selected Bibliography.