Cognition in Emotion

An Investigation through Experiences with Art


Emotions are essential for human existence, both lighting the way toward the brightest of achievements and setting the course into the darkness of suffering. Not surprisingly, then, emotion research is currently one of the hottest topics in the field of psychology. Yet to divine the nature of emotion is a complex and extensive task. In this book emotions are approached thought an exploration of the nature of cognition in emotion; the nature of thoughts in feelings. Different approaches to emotions are explored, from brain research to research at the level of experience, and it is argued that all approaches must seriously take into account the experiential dimension. A qualitative study of experiences with art is therefore presented, as emotions and cognition are often expressed in experiences with art. It is the first study of its kind. Descriptions of various affective phenomena are then given which have significant implications for contemporary debates about emotions, resolving several contemporary controversies.

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Chapter 1: Describing Emotion
Chapter 2: Describing Cognition
Chapter 3: Theories about the Emotion-Cognition Relationship
Chapter 4: Experiences with Art
Chapter 5: A Phenomenological Study of Art Appreciation
Chapter 6: Discussion
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