The Rhythm of Space and the Sound of Time

Michael Chekhov’s Acting Technique in the 21st Century


The Rhythm of Space and the Sound of Time examines the place of Chekhov’s Technique in contemporary acting pedagogy and practice. Cynthia Ashperger answers the questions: What are the reasons behind the technique’s current resurgence? How has this cohesive and holistic training been brought into today’s mainstream acting training? What separates this technique from the other currently popular methods?
Ashperger offers an analysis of the complex philosophical influences that shaped Chekhov’s ideas about this psycho-physical approach to acting. Chekhov’s five guiding principles are introduced to demonstrate how eastern ideas and practices have been integrated into this western technique and how they have continued to develop on both theoretical and practical levels in contemporary pedagogy, thereby rendering it intercultural.
The volume also focuses on the work of several contemporary teachers of the technique associated with Michael Chekhov International Association (MICHA). Current teacher training is described as well as the different modes of hybridization of Chekhov’s technique with other current methods.
Contemporary practical experiments and some fifty exercises at both beginner and intermediate/advanced levels are presented through analysis, examples, student journals and case studies, delineating the sequences in which units are taught and specifying the exercises that differ from those in Chekhov’s original writing.
This book is for practitioners as well as students of the theatre.

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Cynthia Ashperger is the Director of the Acting Program at Ryerson Theatre School, Ryerson University in Toronto. She is also an actor working with many independent companies and has numerous roles in film and TV to her credit both in her native Croatia and in Canada. She teaches Chekhov’s technique at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels locally and internationally.
1. Philosophical and Spiritual Influences of Michael Chekhov’s Acting Technique: A History
2. The Teaching Philosophy of the Michael Chekhov Association and its Contribution to Contemporary Pedagogy
3. Current Pedagogy: MICHA Faculty
4. Current Pedagogy: Introductory Level
5. Current Pedagogy: Advanced Level