Clinical Teaching, Past and Present


Editors: H. Beukers and J. Moll
As periodical of the International Academy of the History of Medicine, this Clio Medica volume contains 17 papers.

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Administrative meeting of the Academy for the History of Medicine, Leiden, August, 27 1986


Guenter B. Risee: Clinical instruction in hospitals: the Boerhaavian Tradition in Leyden, Edinburgh, Vienna and Pavia
Ulrich Tröhler: The Doctor as Naturalist: The Idea and Practice of Clinical Teaching and research in British Policlinics 1770-1850
Johanna Bleker: Medical Students – to the Bed-side or to the Laboratory? The Emergence of laboratory-training in German Medical Education 1870-1900
Gert H. Brieger: Clinical Teaching and Clinical Science in American Medicine, 1900-1950
M.J. Imbault-Huart: Concepts and realities of the Beginning of Clinical Teaching in France in the late 18th and early 19th Centuries
Wolfram Kaiser: Theorie und Praxis in der Boerhaave-Ära und in nach-boerhaavianischen Ausbildungssystemen an deutschen Hochschulen des 18. Jahrhunderts
R. Sikorski, L. Kowieski: Reception and Assimilation of Innovative Medical Ideas in Poland in the 19th and early 20th Centuries
Dieter Jetter: Clinical Teaching in Portugal Around 1800
Yonoezo Nakagawa: Adoption of western Medicine in Japan
D. de Moulin: Teaching of medicine in the Dutch East Indies
M.J. van Lieburg: Municipal Hospitals and Clinical Teaching in the Netherlands during the 19th Century
Harm Beukers: Clinical Teaching in Leiden from Its Beginning until the End of the Eighteenth Century
Sir John Ellis:
Integration of Basic Sciences and Clinical Teaching
J.C. van Es: Clinical Teaching in General Practice
H.A. Verbeek: Interactive Clinical Teaching with Computers combined with a Laser Vision Disc
H.J.M. van Rossum: The Leiden Alco: An Example of Systematic Present-Day Clinical Teaching in the Netherlands

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