Doctors, Politics and Society: Historical Essays


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The great British reformer Jeremy Bentham wrote that 'the art of legislation is but the art of healing practised upon a large scale'. He added that 'It is the common endeavour of both to relieve men from the miseries of life. But the physician relieves them one by one: the legislator by millions at a time'. Bentham raised the question of the interplay of medicine with politics. It forms an important topic with powerful contemporary overtones. This volume, containing eleven essays plus a lengthy introduction, seeks to explore it historically. It takes a long perspective, covering the last two centuries and also an international viewpoint, examining Britain in detail but also containing contributions dealing with the United States, Germany, Russia and France.

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Series Editor:
Jonathan Reinarz, University of Birmingham

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Cathy McClive, Florida State University
Bogdan Iacob, Romanian Academy

Editorial Board:
Jonathan Barry, University of Exeter
Alison Bashford, UNSW Sydney
Christian Bonah, University of Strasbourg
Sandra Cavallo, Royal Holloway, University of London
Pratik Chakrabarti, University of Manchester
Harold Cook, Brown University, Providence
Marcos Cueto, Casa de Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro
Brian Dolan, University of California, San Francisco
Philip van der Eijk, Humboldt University, Berlin
Monica Green, Arizona State University, Tempe
Patrizia Guarnieri, Università degli studi, Florence
Rhodri Hayward, Queen Mary, University of London
Peregrine Horden, Royal Holloway, University of London
Sean Hsiang-Lin Lei, Academica Sinica, Taipei
Anne Kveim Lie, Institute of Health and Society, Oslo
Guillaume Lachenal, Université Paris Diderot
Vivienne Lo, UCL China Center for Health and Humanity, London
Daniel Margócsy, University of Cambridge
Hilary Marland, Warwick University, Coventry
Graham Mooney, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Teresa Ortiz-Gómez, University of Granada
Steven Palmer, University of Windsor
Hans Pols, University of Sydney
Peter Pormann, University of Manchester
Michael Stolberg, University of Würzburg
Marius Turda, Oxford Brookes University
John Harley Warner, Yale University, New Haven
Notes on Contributors

Bentham's Utilitarianism and the Provision of Medical Care

Southwood Smith: The Intellectual Sources of Public Service

Lyon Playfair and the Idea of Progress: Science and Medicine in Victorian Parliamentary Politics

Désiré Magloire Bourneville and French Anticlericalism During the Third Republic
Bernard BRAIS

The Demographic Argument in Soviet Debates over the Legalization of Abortion in the 1920s

Heinrich Zeiss (1888-1949), German Medicine and the Holocaust

The Sick Poor and the State: Newsholme on Poverty, Disease and Responsibility

The Metamorphosis of Dawson of Penn

Christopher Addison: A Realist in Pursuit of Dreams

John Ryle: Doctor of Revolution?
Dorothy PORTER

Doing History, making Revolution: the Aspirations of Henry E. Sigerist and George Rosen
Elizabeth FEE and Edward MORMAN

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