Regenerating England

Science, Medicine and Culture in Inter-War Britain


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In the inter-war years there was much debate in Britain as to whether the best path to post-World War I regeneration would be found in the promises of science and technology, in continued and increased efficiency, in specialization and professionalization or whether the future of the nation depended on a rediscovery of older (and more authentic) ways of doing things, on a defiant anti-modernism. This debate on Britain's future was often conducted in terms of Englishness and the rebirth of a lost, more spiritual, village England. However, ‘Englishness' also entered inter-war social thinking through eclectic assimilations of diverse traditions. Prominent themes in the discourses on Britain's post-war regeneration include national character, citizenship, fitness, education, utopia, community and so on. The chapters in the present volume address these themes and break new ground by examining debates well known in political and literary history through their relations to science, medicine, architecture and ideas of social and political ‘health'.

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”… well-written…”
- in: Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy: a European Journal, Vol. 5, No. 1, 2002

“…capacious and enjoyable…”
- in: Social History of Medicine, Vol. 15, No. 3, 2002
Notes on contributors
1. Christopher LAWRENCE and Anna-K. MAYER: Regenerating England: An Introduction
2. Michael BARTHOLOMEW: H.V. Morton's English Utopia
3. Christopher LAWRENCE: Edward Jenner's Jockey Boots and the Great Tradition in English Medicine 1918-1939
4. Anna K. MAYER: ‘A combative sense of duty': Englishness and the Scientists
5. Timothy BOON: ‘The shell of a prosperous age': History, Landscape and the Modern in Paul Rotha's The Face of Britain (1935)
6. Elizabeth DARLING: ‘Enriching and enlarging the whole sphere of human activities': The Work of the Voluntary Sector in Housing Reform in Inter-War Britain
7. Keith VERNON: A Healthy Society for Future Intellectuals: Developing Student Life at Civic Universities
8. Abigail BEACH: Potential For Participation: Health Centres and the Idea of Citizenship c. 1920-1940
9. Mathew THOMSON: Constituting Citizenship: Mental Deficiency, Mental Health and Human Rights in Inter-war Britain
10. Rhodri HAYWARD: The Biopolitics of Arthur Keith and Morley Roberts
11. Lesley A. HALL: ‘Not a domestic utensil but a woman and a citizen': Stella Browne on Women, Health and Society
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