Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation

Multifaith Ideals and Realities


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”This is an important book and its multidisciplinary approach suggests that it should become a valued resource for the missiologist, for the missionary in the field, for the historian and for all those who rightly have questions about religion’s role in the many conflicts that seem to be part and parcel of our contemporary world.” in: Mission Studies 21.1 (2004)
Preface. Part I: Defining the Parameters. Jerald D. GORT and Hendrik M. VROOM: Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation. André DROOGERS: Religious Reconciliation: A View from the Social Sciences. Hendrik M. VROOM: The Nature and Origins of Religious Conflicts: Some Philosophical Considerations. Part II: Perspectives on Conflict and Reconciliation. Victor A. van BIJLERT: Hindus and Muslims in Bengal: Is Religious Experience a Unifying Factor? Corstiaan J.G. van der BURG: Religious Conflict and Hindu Tolerance. S. GANGADARAN: Liberation Theology in South India. Lourens MINNEMA: Divided Families and Social Conflict: Comparing a Greek Tragedy and an Indian Drama. Michael McGHEE: Buddhist Thoughts on Conflict, ‘Reconciliation’ … and Religion. Tzvi MARX: Theological Preparation for Reconciliation in Judaism. Cees van der KOOI: Three Models of Reconciliation: A Christian Approach. Jerald D. GORT: Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation Ecumenical Initiatives Amidst Human Brokenness and Community Division. Anton WESSELS: Can the Children of Abraham be Reconciled: Ishmael and Isaac in the Bible and the Qur’an. Connie AARSBERGEN: Isaiah Berlin: Teleological Thinking as a Cause of Conflict. Henry JANSEN: The Road to Sainthood: Reconciliation in Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair. Desiree BERENDSEN: Secular Saints: The Possibility of Reconciliation Without Transcendence. Claudia ROMBERG: Women in Engaged Buddhism. Tirza VISSER: Islam, Gender and Reconciliation: Making Room for New Gender Perspectives. Part III: Case Studies of Conflict and Reconciliation. Agus Rachmat WIDYANTO: Interreligious Conflict and Reconciliation in Indonesia. Herman L. BECK: A Pillar of Social Harmony: The Study of Comparative Religion in Contemporary Indonesia during the New Order. Chakravarti RAM-PRASAD: Religious Reconciliation as a Challenge of Governance: India at the Start of the Twenty-First Century. Ashgar Ali ENGINEER: Islam and Muslims in India: Problems of Identity and Existence. Swami AGNIVESH: Processes of Reconciliation in India. Andreas D’SOUZA: Reconciliation in Practice: Indian Experience. Nalin SWARIS: Religion, Conflict, and Reconciliation in Sri Lanka. Piet MEIRING: Truth and Reconciliation in Post-Apartheid South Africa. Farid ESACK: An Islamic View of Conflict and Reconciliation in the South African Situation. Ton van PROOIJEN: On Playing Reconciliation in a Situation of Racist Conflict. Frans WIJSEN and Bernardine MFUMBUSA: Seeds of Conflict: Christian-Muslim Relations in Tanzania. Jan van BUTSELAAR: Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation in Rwanda. Donna WINSLOW: Religion, Conflict and Reconciliation in Bosnia Herzegovina. Reender KRANENBORG: Peace, Reconciliation and New Religious Movements. Part IV: The Papers and the Discussions: Reaping the Harvest. André DROOGERS: Why Do Religious Groups Become Involved in Conflicts? Victor A. van BIJLERT: The Meaning of Reconciliation. Josien FOLBERT: A Blueprint for the Process of Peace and Reconciliation. Karel STEENBRINK: Views of Conflict and Reconciliation. Index of Names. Index of Subjects. Contributors.