A Spectrum of Worldviews

An Introduction to Philosophy of Religion in a Pluralistic World


This book is an introduction to philosophy of religion from the perspective of a religiously pluralistic culture. It deals with introductory questions such as whether we can we understand, compare, and judge the insights of others and the ways in which people can speak and think about God. It introduces the classical themes of philosophy of religion - immanent and transcendent ideas of God and (im)personality; transcendence, good, and evil; religion, morality and society - using a distinction between cosmic, acosmic and theistic ideas of the divine. This introduction helps us discover differences and commonalities and thus helps further an emphatic and critical dialogue. This book explores how comparative theology and philosophy of religion can move beyond the dead-end roads of relativism and exclusivism.

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Hendrik M. Vroom is Professor of Philosophy of Religion at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, co-editor of this series and of Studies in Interreligious Dialogue. He has written several books on (inter)religious and social issues and has been engaged in interreligious encounters fora long time.
1. “Worldview” and “Religion” In a Pluralistic Culture
2. On Comparing Different Ideas of Transcendence
3. Understanding The Faith of Others
4. Can We Evaluate the Faith of Others?
5. More Than Representation: Symbols and Metaphors
6. Three Views of Transcendence
7. God—Personal and/or Impersonal?
8. Worldview And Evil
9. God and the Good
10. The Urgent Task: Dialogue on Morality
11. Religion, Conflict and Dialogue
12. Philosophy And Pluralism
Index of Subjects
Index of Names