Wrestling with God and with Evil

Philosophical Reflections


Volume Editor:
The fact of evil continues to raises questions – questions about the relationship between God and evil but also questions about human involvement in it. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, it is now time to see the existence of evil not just as a problem for belief in God; it is a problem for belief in humanity itself as well. For human involvement in evil is not simply a matter of coping with evil but also concerns the fact that humans themselves often seem to do wrong and evil inevitably. Human finitude, ignorance and the unforeseeable consequences of good intentions as well as of neglect can often lead to tragedy.
This volume contains contributions from an equal number of male and female scholars in Western Europe and America. It contains discussions of thinkers like Kant, Kierkegaard, Barth, Weil, Levinas, Naber, Caputo and Johnson. It deals with issues like tragedy, finitude, critiques of Western culture, violence and God, and the question of whether theodicies are needed or are even honest. This volume offers an interesting survey of ‘wrestling with God and evil’ from a variety of perspectives in the philosophy of religion on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Hendrik M. VROOM
PART I: “There is no disappointment in heaven” On Wrestling with Evil on Earth
David TRACY: On Tragic Wisdom
Lissa MCCULLOUGH: The Void: Simone Weil’s Naming of Evil
JOSEPH W.H. LOUGH: “The Community unto Death”: Reflections on Contemporary Spirituality, Capitalism and State-Sanctioned Mass Death
Marisa STRIZZI: Coping with Evil: Challenging the Western Christian Approach
Paul R. FRIES: The Pursuit of Happiness, the Production of Evil and the New Christianity
Tom JACOBS: Radical Evil, Autonomy and the Problem of Formalism: Where Does Kant Leave Us?
Tinneke BEECKMAN: On Evil: An Immanent Critique
Theo L. HETTEMA: Spirituality and the Problem of Evil: The Challenge of the Philosophy of Jean Nabert
Hendrik M. VROOM: Why Are We Inclined to Do Evil? On the Anthropological Roots of Evil
PART II: “There is no disappointment in heaven” On Wrestling with God about Evil
Wessel STOKER: Is God Violent? On Violence and Religion
Claudia WELZ: Reasons for Having No Reason to Defend God: Kant, Kierkegaard, Levinas and their Alternatives to Theodicy
Petruschka SCHAAFSMA: Religion as an Aid for Coping with Evil? Confronting the Coping Thesis with Barth’s Reflections on Nothingness
Beverley CLACK: Distortion, Dishonesty and the Problem of Evil
Aurica NUTT: “Divine Absence Itself Becomes a Mode of Divine Presence”: Evil and Suffering in the Christian Feminist Thinking of Elizabeth A. Johnson
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