Looking Beyond?

Shifting Views of Transcendence in Philosophy, Theology, Art, and Politics


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Religion is undergoing a transformation in current Western society. In addition to organized religions, there is a notable movement towards spirituality that is not associated with any institutions but in which experiences and notions of transcendence are still important. Transcendence can be described as God, the absolute, Mystery, the Other, the other as alterity, depending on one’s worldview. In this book, these shifts in the views of transcendence in various areas of culture such as philosophy, theology, art, and politics are explored on the basis of a fourfold heuristic model (proposed by Wessel Stoker). In conversation with this model, various authors, established scholars in their fields, explain the meaning and role, or the critique, of transcendence in the thought of contemporary thinkers, fields of discourse, or cultural domains. Looking Beyond? will stimulate further research on the theme of transcendence in contemporary culture, but can also serve as a textbook for courses in various disciplines, ranging from philosophy to theology, cultural studies, literature, art, and politics.

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W. L. van der Merwe and Wessel Stoker: Foreword
Culture and Transcendence
Wessel Stoker: Culture and Transcendence: A Typology
Philosophy: Historical Approaches
Peter Jonkers: The Death‐Defying Leap from Nihilism to Transcendence: F. H. Jacobi’s Idea of Transcendence
Danie Goosen: Radical Immanence: An Anomaly in the History of Ideas
Contemporary Philosophy
Guido Vanheeswijck: The Concept of Transcendence in Charles Taylor’s Later Work
Annemie Halsema: Humanism and Transcendence
Ronald A. Kuipers: Richard Rorty on Transcendence
Pieter Duvenage: Early Critical Theory and Habermas on Transcendence
Philosophical Theology
Laurens ten Kate: Living Death: The Logic of Self‐Foundation and the Problem of Transcendence in Nancy’s Deconstruction of Christianity
Joeri Schrijvers: Jean‐Luc Marion and the Transcendence par Excellence: Love
Inigo Bocken: Everyday Life as Divine Practice: Modernity and Transcendence in Michel de Certeau
Kenneth Jason Wardley: Jean‐Yves Lacoste: The Experience of Transcendence
Svein Aage Christoffersen: Transcendence, Self‐Transcendence, and Aesthetics
S. W. P. Engelbrecht and W. L. van der Merwe: Gianni Vattimo: Transcendence and (Postmetaphysical) Utopia
Christian Theology
Sallie McFague: Intimations of Transcendence: Praise and Compassion
Mark C. Taylor: Religious Secularity and the Eclipse of the Real
Martien E. Brinkman: Transcendence in Ingmar Bergman’s Winter Light (1962): A Theological Analysis
Govert Buijs: Against the Use of the Essentialist Divine Hierarchy Theory of Religion in Political Theory
Vasti Roodt: The World as the “Beyond” in Politics
Marin Terpstra: A Political Theology of an Absent God
Theo W. A. de Wit: Splitting Transcendence and Dividing Humankind: A Case of Secularization
David Jasper: Communities of Oppression and the Recovery of the Sacred Community
Allard den Dulk: The Transcendence of a Meaningful Life: The Portrayal of the Contemporary Self in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest
Henry Jansen: The Ethics of Transcendence: C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia and Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials
Heidi de Mare: Moments of Transcendence in A.I. The Moving Image and the Power of the Human Imagination
Sylvain De Bleeckere: “Beyond” Immanence and Transcendence: Reflections in the Mirror of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev and Solaris
Oane Reitsma: Some Time for Timelessness: Performance Time of Works by Messiaen, Sorabji, and Ten Holt
W. L. van der Merwe: Vicissitudes of Transcendence
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Index of Subjects
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