Thinking the Divine in Interreligious Encounter

Thinking the Divine in Interreligious Encounter seeks to take seriously our questions of cross-cultural and inter-religious dialogue on God or the Divine: How can the Divine be named and thought as Europe finds itself in midst of cross-cultural processes of a global nature and as religions such as Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism come into the foreground in the West? What are some of the major shifts in Christian theology, as it recognizes that peoples of non-Christian faith traditions name and think the Divine in ways that differ from and sometimes conflict with Europe’s dominant religion(s) and secular culture? Together with “Naming and Thinking God in Europe Today” and “Post-colonial Europe in the Crucible of Cultures” (Rodopi 2007), this volume allows us to discover opportunities for a multivalenced reflection on God or the Divine that achieves mutual intelligibility without surrendering to a dogmatic untranslatability or a crude relativism.

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Norbert Hintersteiner: God in Translation: Crosscultural and Interreligious Theologies
Cross-Cultural Translations
Siegfried Wiedenhofer: Catholic Tradition and Transmission in Crisis
Virgilio Elizondo: Mestizaje Theology and Its Promise to Culture
Elochukwu Uzukwu: Re-Evaluating God-Talk from an African Perspective
Anne Kull: Transitions, Travels, and Reframings of Concepts, Metaphors, and People
Joseph Maïla: Identity, Violence, and Religion in Contemporary Conflicts
Interreligious Engagements
Leo D. Lefebure: Thinking the Divine in Interreligious Encounter: Biblical Trajectories and Christian Tradition
Anne-Marie Reijnen: Protestants and Jews after the Shoah: Confessing God and the Son of God amidst the Shambles of European History
Sidney H. Griffith: Doing Christian Theology in Islamic Terms: Unity and Trinity of God in Early Christian-Muslim Dialogue
Leonhard Hell: Speaking of the One and Triune God in Times of Interreligious Dialogue
Remus Rus: An Orthodox Christian View of the World Religions: Reading Dumitru Staniloae
Encounters with Asian Religions
Heike Franke: The Crucifixion of Christ in Indo-Islamic Painting
Jacques Scheuer: Exploring the Hindu Universe and Coming Home
Marcus Schmücker: The Experience of Faith in the Christian and Indian Traditions
Dennis Gira: Impact of Buddhism on God-Talk in Europe
Raquel Bouso Garcia: Transcendence and the Absolute in Buddhist-influenced Contemporary Japanese thought
John D’Arcy May: Absolute Nothingness or Dynamic Emptiness: God and the ‘Cult of Nothingness’ in Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
Robert J. Schreiter: Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue about God Revisited
List of Contributors