New Essays in Deixis

Discourse, Narrative, Literature


Editor: Keith Green
This volume presents some new work on deixis and, in particular, deixis in narrative and literature. Deixis has long held fascination for both philosophers and linguists alike, and increasingly it is seen as a fundamental element of discourse in works of a more literary-linguistic or stylistic nature. The aim of this book has been to gather and present material on deixis which is often referred to but has hitherto not received the space it warrants. The collection will be of interest to anyone working in linguistics and literary studies. There are essays on deictic processing, non-egocentricity, deictic worlds and the deictic categories. The more literary material focuses on modernist aesthetics, the poetic deictic persona, pronouns and narrative voice, and the problematic deixis of Keats's Odes.
Table of contents
Introduction. 1. Keith GREEN: Deixis: A Revaluation of Concepts and Categories. 2. Peter JONES: Philosophical and Theoretical Issues in the Study of Deixis: A Critique of the Standard Account. 3. Paul WERTH: How to Build a World (in a Lot Less than Six Days, Using Only What's In Your Head). 4. Catherine EMMOTT: Consciousness and Context-Building: Narrative Inferences and Anaphoric Theory. 5. Monika FLUDERNIK: Pronouns of Address and 'Odd' Third Person Forms: The Mechanics of Involvement in Fiction. 6. Alison TATE: Deictic Markers and the Disruption of Voice in Modernist Poetry. 7. Elena SEMINO: Deixis and the Dynamics of Poetic Voice. 8. Tony BEX: Keats and the Disappearing Self: Aspects of Deixis in the Odes. Bibliography.
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