Conrad in the Public Eye

Biography / Criticism / Publicity


Volume Editor:
This is a collection of difficult-to-find and typically early commentary on Conrad’s life and works. The selections contained shed light on Conrad’s life and works, as well as the way in which his works were promoted to the public. Selections include those by the American novelist Christopher Morley and the Irish novelist Liam O’Flaherty. Also included is a previously unpublished essay by Conrad’s friend Richard Curle. Of particular interest are the promotional materials, which are collected together for the first time and reveal how Conrad was perceived by the general reading public and how he was marketed by his publishers.

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Burton RASCOE, et al.: New York Greets Joseph Conrad on His First Visit to America
Christopher MORLEY: Conrad and the Reporters
Sir Hugh CLIFFORD: A Talk on Joseph Conrad and His Work
Florence DOUBLEDAY: From Episodes in the Life of a Publisher‘s Wife
Édouard RODITI: Meetings with Conrad
James WHITAKER: Joseph Conrad at Stanford-le-Hope
Porter GARNETT: In Memoriam Joseph Conrad, Obiit August 3, 1924: The Honour of Labour
A Tribute to a Great Seafarer
Liam O‘FLAHERTY: Joseph Conrad: An Appreciation
Early Criticism
John Cowper POWYS: From Essays on Joseph Conrad and Oscar Wilde
John Herman RANDALL: Joseph Conrad: His Outlook on Life
G. JEAN-AUBRY: “Introduction” to Twenty Letters to Joseph Conrad
Richard CURLE: The History of The Nigger of the “Narcissus”: Human, Literary, Bibliographical
V. WALPOLE: Conrad‘s Method: Some Formal Aspects
James HUNEKER, E. F. SAXTON, and Richard CURLE: Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad – A Prospectus: A Biographical Sketch & A List of His Books Published by J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd.
Joseph Conrad: A Prospectus of the Uniform Edition of Joseph Conrad‘s Works
Joseph Conrad: A Brief Chronicle
Joseph Conrad: The Greatest Living Artist in English Prose
Joseph Conrad: A Sketch with a Bibliography
A Man Who Sailed the Seven Seas and Wrote His Tales to the Boom of the Distant Surf
The New Kent Edition of Joseph Conrad
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