Unforeseeable Americas

Questioning Cultural Hybridity in the Americas


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” well-focused” in: Revista Canadiense de Estudios Hispánicos, Vol. XXVII, No. 2 (Invierno 2003)

Table of contents

Dedication. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Sabine MABARDI: Encounters of a Heterogeneous Kind: Hybridity in Cultural Theory. Amaryll CHANADY: National Reconciliation and Colonial Resistance: The Notion of Hybridity in José Martí. Catherine POUPENEY-HART: Mestizaje: I understand the reality, I just do not like the word: Perspectives on an Option. Román de la CAMPA: On Border Artists and Transculturation: The Politics of Postmodern Performances and Latin America. Abril TRIGO: Shifting Paradigms: From Transculturation to Hybridity: A Theoretical Critique. Antonio CORNEJO-POLAR† A Non-Dialectic Heterogeneity: The Subject and Discourse of Urban Migration in Modern Peru. Françoise PÉRUS: Dialogism and Historical Bakhtinian Poetics from the Perspective of Cultural Heterogeneity and Narrative Transculturation in Latin America. Jean JONASSAINT: The Crossing of American Languages in Sainte dérive de cochons. Jerry ZASLOVE: Memory's Children and Redressing History: Critical Reflections on Obasan by Joy Kogawa - The Case of a Northern Hybrid Novel. Sylvie DION: Poison: Asians in the Fait Divers of Some Montreal Newspapers. Rita DE GRANDIS: Pursuing Hybridity: From the Linguistic to the Symbolic. Christopher CHIAPPARI: Hybrid Religions in Highland Guatemala: Modernity, Tradition and Culture. Silvia L. LÓPEZ: Hybrid Cultures: Modern Experience and Institution Kunst. Raúl ANTELO: Territorial Signs as Ready-mades. Vicente SÁNCHEZ-BIOSCA: Metamorphosis as Fantasy of the Hybrid. Postmodern Horror and the Destiny of the Human Body in The Fly (David Cronenberg, 1986). Contributors. Index.