Relocating the Body in Contemporary Performing Art


In ice hockey, the term body check refers to a specific move to gain control. It is a blow from body to body, a dynamic clash of physical strength, which will determine the course of the game. In this book, too, the body is checked and there is physical confrontation. Not in the hockey ring, but on stage.
This book deals with the body in contemporary (performing) arts. The focus is on exploring theoretical avenues and developing new concepts to grasp corporeal images more accurately. This theoretical research is confronted with the voice of artists whose work explicitly deals with the body. In-depth interviews with a.o. Meg Stuart, Wim Vandekeybus, Romeo Castellucci, Jerôme Bel reveal a very broad range of views on the (re)presentation of the body in today’s performing arts. The combination of these two voices –the theoretician’s and the artist’s -shows that research by artists and cultural scientists is perfectly complementary.

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Notes on Contributors
Luk Van den DRIES: Bodycheck: Introduction
Katrien JACOBS: Masochism, or The Cruel Mother in Maria Beatty’s Pornography
Steven De BELDER: Theatricality – Invisibility – Discipline
Luk Van den DRIES: The Sublime Body
Kurt VANHOUTTE: Allegories of the Fall: Corporeality and the Technological Condition in Theatre
Maaike BLEEKER: Disorders that Consciousness can Produce: Bodies Seeing Bodies on Stage
Frank REIJNDERS: The Hide of Marsyas: Some Notes on the Screen of Painting
Peter MASON: Hard Graft
Dietmar KAMPER: What is That, Which is the Body?
Myriam Van IMSCHOOT: Images Preserved in Liquid: A Foreword
Portfolio by Eric RAEVES: Staged Bodies
Romeo Castellucci
Marc Vanrunxt
Eric Raeves
Thierry Smits
Jérôme Bel
Wim Vandekeybus
Meg Stuart
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