Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinarity and Translation


Volume Editor:
This volume claims that interdisciplinarity and translation constitute the two main ‘challenges’ for cultural studies today. These conceptual issues (‘inter’ and ‘trans’) express themselves within specific historical and ‘cultural’ contexts. Interdisciplinarity is linked with the ongoing process of the institutionalisation of cultural studies in national academies, but also increasingly internationally, comparatively and to a certain extent even globally (cf. cultural studies of ‘global culture’). Translation concerns cultural studies both as an object or product and as a subject or producer of translation processes. Cultural studies is the result of translation, translates and is being translated. The essays in this volume therefore relate these various ongoing cultural, linguistic and institutional translation processes to political and ethical issues of internationalisation and globalisation. The contributions draw their originality and strength from strategically crossing, disciplinary and national boundaries. They deliberately ignore the question of what may be ‘proper’ (to) cultural studies, and instead problematise the notions of ‘propriety’ and ‘belonging’. As a ‘reading practice’ cultural studies, in these pages, is performed through adaptations and combinations of theory and critical practice. The volume should be of interest to everyone concerned with cultural studies’ role in promoting intellectual debate within an increasingly international and ‘globalised’ public sphere.

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Stefan Herbrechter is Senior Lecturer in Cultural Analysis at Trinity and All Saints, College of the University of Leeds. He holds an MA in English and Romance Philologies from the University of Heidelberg (Germany), and a PhD from Cardiff University (Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory). He is the author of Lawrence Durrell, Postmodernism and the Ethics of Alterity. He has also published on a variety of issues in literature, cultural theory and cultural studies and is currently preparing volumes on Post-Theory, Posthumanism, Strangers and Strangeness in Literature, Theory and Culture, and European Cultural Studies.
”…fascinating insight into the problematic nature of creation and reinvention of identity…” in: Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, Vol. 13:1, 2005
Stefan HERBRECHTER: Introduction
Section A: Cultural Studies and Interdisciplinarity – Redirections
Michael HAYES: Cultural Studies at the Crossroads
Karl MATON: Popes, Kings & Cultural Studies: Placing the Commitment to Non-Discplinarity in Historical Context
Paul BOWMAN: ‘Alarming and calming. Sacred and accursed’ – The Proper Impropriety of Interdisciplinarity
Malcolm QUINN: ‘Theor-ese’, or the Protocols of the Elders of Cultural Studies
Simon O’SULLIVAN: Cultural Studies as Rhizome – Rhizomes in Cultural Studies
Section B: Anti-Disciplinary Objects and Practices
Necdet TEYMUR: Space Between Disciplines
Andrew CARLIN: Bibliographic Boundaries and Forgotten Canons
Duncan CAMPBELL: Reading Phonography, Inscribing Interdisciplinarity
Jen WEBB: Cultural Studies and Aesthetics – Pleasures and Politics
Section C: The Translation of Cultural Studies – Translation Studies
Russell WEST: Teaching Nomadism: Inter/Cultural Studies in the Context of Translation Studies
David KATAN: Mediating the Point of Refraction and Playing with the Perlocutionary Effect: a Translator’s Choice?
Eduardo J. VIOR: Visions of the Americas and Policies of Translation
Section D: Translating Cultural Studies
Stephen C K CHAN: Building Cultural Studies for Postcolonial Hong Kong: Aspects of the Postmodern Ruins in between Disciplines
Sebastian BERG: British/Cultural Studies “Made in Germany”
Laurence RAW: Accommodating Difference: Cultural Studies, Translation and the Limits of Interdisciplinarity
Mandy OAKHAM: The Phantom Menace Strikes Down Under
Karima LAACHIR: Crossing the ‘Threshold of Intolerance’: Contemporary French Society
Section E: Cultural Studies: Translation and Globalisation
Holger ROSSOW: Transatlantic Fears: Re-Configurations in a Global Context
Postscript: Zygmunt BAUMAN: Cultural Variety Or Variety of Cultures?
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