Bakhtin: Carnival and Other Subjects

Selected Papers from the Fifth International Bakhtin Conference University of Manchester, July 1991



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David SHEPHERD: Introduction. PART I: SUBJECT-CARNIVAL. Viacheslav V. IVANOV: The Dominant of Bakhtin's Philosophy: Dialogue and Carnival. Sergei S. AVERINTSEV: Bakhtin and the Russian Attitude to Laughter. Michael GARDINER: Bakhtin's Carnival: Utopia as Critique. Robert CUNLIFFE: Charmed Snakes and Little Oedipusses: The Architectonics of Carnival and Drama in Bakhtin, Artaud, and Brecht. Kristina SIMEONOVA: The Aesthetic Function of the Carnivalesque in Medieval English Drama. Ilkka JOKI: David Mamet's Drama: The Dialogicality of Grotesque Realism. Jonathan HALL: Unachievable Monologism and the Production of the Monster. PART II: SUBJECT-PSYCHOANALYSIS. Antony EASTHOPE: The Bakhtin School and Raymond Williams: The Subject and the Signifier. Bruce DORVAL and David GOMBERG: Psychotherapy as the Construction of Interpenetrating Consciousnesses. William R. HANDLEY: The Ethics of Subject Creation in Bakhtin and Lacan. PART III: SUBJECT-FEMINISM. Ruth GINSBURG: The Pregnant Text. Bakhtin's Ur-Chronotope: The Womb. Maroussia HAJDUKOWSKI-AHMED: The Framing of the Shrew: Discourses on Hysteria and its Resisting Voices. Peter HITCHCOCK: Exotopy and Feminist Critique. Clive THOMSON: Judith Butler's Gender Trouble. Mary S. POLLOCK: What Is Left Out: Bakhtin, Feminism, and the Culture of Boundaries. Mary O'CONNOR: Horror, Authors, and Heroes: Gendered Subjects and Objects in Bakhtin and Kristeva. PART IV: SUBJECT-SUBJECTS. Iris M. ZAVALA: Notes on the Cannibalistic Discourse. Alfred ARTEAGA: 'Beasts and Jagged Strokes of Color': The Poetics of Hybridisation on the US-Mexican Border.
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