Paul Bowles - The New Generation: Do You Bowles?

Essays and Criticism


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This volume includes twenty-five interdisciplinary essays on Paul Bowles’s literary and musical work. The legendary author – a North-American expatriate writer and composer, and a cult figure who, according to Norman Mailer “... let in the murder, the drugs, the incest, the death of the square, the end of civilization” – and his artistic output, are explored here by leading contemporary scholars. They seek alternative and multiple perspectives of his work through the dynamics of music and literature, avant-garde film and the No wave scene, torture studies and security, Islamic studies, modernism and surrealism. Following the international conference “Do You Bowles?” held in Lisbon, in 2010, which celebrated Paul Bowles’s 100th birthday, this collection shows how Bowles’s work engages creatively with his predecessors and a variety of perspectives, by rethinking modes of consciousness and of artistic and cross-cultural potential that still inspire todays’ artists and scholars, both as a writer as well as a composer.

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Abbreviations Acknowledgements “Paul Bowles Now and Then: Introduction”, Anabela Duarte I. The Fascination of Paul Bowles – Face to Face Secrecies “Paul Bowles as I Knew Him”, Christopher Sawyer-Lauçanno “‘I Would Invite You to Supper but I Have Only One Egg:’ Teaching with Paul Bowles”, Regina Weinreich “The Fascination of Paul Bowles”, Allen Hibbard II. Ecologies of Fear and Violence: Resistance or Desistance? “The Perceptual is Political: Modes of Consciousness in The Spider’s House”, Greg Bevan “Laughing with Thieves: Images of Paul Bowles in Tahar Ben Jelloun and Mohamed Choukri”, Clare BrandaburThe Spider’s House: Paul Bowles and the Question of Moroccan Independence”, Younes Riyani El Assaad “Tangier, Capital of Treason”, Andrew Hussey “False Concepts: The Absence of Security and Intimacy in the Work of Paul Bowles”, Andrew Martino III. Music, Noise and Politics “The Music and Politics of Pastorela (1941)”, Jennifer L. Campbell “Paul Bowles and Latin American Music”, Luis Hérnandez Mergal “‘The Question of Music and Prose, It’s a Tricky One to Answer,’ Paul Bowles: Composer – Writer”, Verena Mogl “The Musical Styles of Early Songs of Paul Bowles”, Carole Blankenship “On Degenerescence and Realms of Suppression: Paul Bowles vis-à-vis Einojuhani Rautavaa”, Zbigniew Bialas “Noise and Violence in Up Above the World – Music as Torture in Modern Fiction”, Anabela Duarte IV. No Maps for these Territories: Bowles, Burroughs and Beyond “Aesthetic Tourists: The Sheltering Sky’s Critique of Modernism”, Christopher Leslie “American Existentialism and Surrealism in Paul Bowles’s ‘The Scorpion’ and ‘By the Water,’ Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs’s And The Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks”, Benjamin J. Heal “‘What You Do Is Nearer to What You Are than What You Think Is’: The Importance of Place and Space in Paul Bowles’s Short Fiction”, Isabel Oliveira Martins “Experiences of Death and Dissolution in Paul Bowles’s The Sheltering Sky and Jack Kerouac’s Desolation Angels and The Dharma Bums”, Nuno Marques V. You Are Not I – Film and Text “Good Film Hunting: Sara Driver, Paul Bowles, and Tangier”, Francis Poole “A Resistant Text: ‘You Are Not I’”, Yoshiaki Koshikawa VI. On Intercultural Mediations “Towards an Absent Origin: The Edge of Anger in Paul Bowles’s ‘A Distant Episode’”, Bouchra Benlemlih “The Impossible Relationship with the ‘Other’ in ‘The Time of Friendship’”, Fernando Gomes VII. Momentum No Speed: Film, Bohemia and the Uncanny “The Film Narrator Paul Bowles”, Kostoula Kaloudi “Gothic Short Circuits in Paul Bowles’s Fiction”, Maria Antónia Lima “Literary Friendship: The Bowleses and Tennessee Williams”, Krisztina Dankó Contributors Index
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