Time, Narrative & the Fixed Image / Temps, narration & image fixe


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This volume focuses on the relationship between time, narrative and the fixed image. As such, it highlights renewed interest in the temporality of the fixed image, probably one of the most important trends in the formal and semiotic analysis of visual media in the past decade.
The various essays discuss paintings, the illustrated covers of books, comics or graphic novels, photo-stories, postcards, television and video art, as well as aesthetic practices that defy categorization such as Chris Marker’s masterpiece La Jetée. The range of works and practices examined is reflected in the different theoretical approaches and methods used, with an emphasis on semiology and narratology, and, to a lesser extent, aesthetics and psychoanalysis. The interest of this book, however, does not stem exclusively from the range and scope of the artefacts examined, or the methodological issues that are addressed; its fundamental importance rests in the contributors’ readiness to question the differentiation between fixed and moving images which all too often provides a convenient, if not altogether convincing, starting point for image analysis. .
The originality and value of the contribution that Time, Narrative and the Fixed Image/Temps, Narration et image fixe makes to the body of theoretical writing on visual media lies in this challenging and comprehensive approach.

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Jan Baetens & Mireille Ribière: Foreword
Jean-Marie Schaeffer: Narration visuelle et interprétation
Karen Parna: Narrative, time and the fixed image
Nicole Biagioli: Fantasme et narration dans la carte postale photographique
Marc Lits: L'image comme couverture et ouverture
Lut Pil: Clement Greenberg on narrative in painting
Benoît Peeters: Le roman-photo : un impossible renouveau ?
Thierry Groensteen: Le réseau et le lieu : pour une analyse des procédures de tressage iconique dans la bande dessinée
Mireille Ribière: Maus. A Survivor's Tale by Art Spiegelman – a second-hand narrative in comic-book form
François Jost: Énonciation narrative : image fixe et imageanimée
Philippe Sohet: Fixations sur l'image
Jan Baetens: Trois métalepses
Charlie Mansfield: Identity and narration in Chris Marker's La Jetée
Carole Baker: Circling Greyhounds
Jan Baetens: Retour sur Muybridge : Lévriers faisant des tours de Carole Baker
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