Deleuzian Aesthetics / Esthétiques deleuziennes


A bilingual collection of essays on the aesthetics of Gilles Deleuze, Discern(e)ments highlights what is at stake in Deleuzian philosophy of art. It traces the reception of Deleuzian thought in a broad range of disciplines and gauges its use-value in each of them. Following the dynamics between structure and becoming that punctuates Deleuzian aesthetics, Discern(e)ments sketches and erases boundaries between methods and traditions in philosophy and art theory, as well as in literary, performance and film studies. Offering both numerous case-studies as well as theoretical outlines, Discern(e)ments engages faculties, disciplines and criticisms not in a mere exchange of points of view, but in heterogenesis mapping out further discernments in Deleuzian aesthetics.

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Acknowledgments Preface OUTLINES Thomas POELL: Movement and time in cinema Isabelle GINOUX: De l’histoire de la philosophie considérée comme un des beaux-arts: le portrait conceptuel selon Deleuze Pascal CHABOT: Deleuze et l’énigme de la création artistique Peter van ZILFHOUT: Aesthetic Experiences SENSATION/FIGURE Sjef HOUPPERMANS: PUI(T)S: Deleuze et Beckett Eric ALLIEZ: The BwO Condition Or, The Politics of Sensation Joost de BLOOIS: Bartleby, du Scribe: ‘personage conceptuel’ et ‘figure esthetique’ dans la pensée de Gilles Deleuze Maake BLEEKER: The AB,C’s of différance: Jan Ritsema and the Relationality of Theatrical Presence Patricia PISTERS: ‘Touched by a Cardboard Sword’: Aesthetic Creation and Non-Personal Subjectivity in Dancer in the Dark & Moulin Rouge Catherine LORD: Becoming Still, Still Moving: Theoretical Pleasure in Sally Potter’s Orlando Mary BRYDEN: “Être traître à son propre règne”: Deleuze’s Aesthetic of Betrayal GEO-AESTHETICS Karl MIKKONEN: Catamorphosis, Becoming and Minor Literature: David Malouf’s Remembering Babylon as a Deleuzian Experiment in the Culturally Hybrid Christa STEVENS: De la société répétée à une mondialisation imprevisible: les discours insulaires de Gilles Deleuze et d’Edouard Glissant Alain FRANÇOIS: L’esthétique chez Deleuze: une theorie politique des sensations Sasha VOJKOVIĆ: Hong Kong Cinema and the Art of Countering Territorial Regimes: Women Warriors, Wicked Eunuchs and Socces Players from Shaolin Frans-Willem KORSTEN: Space and the Sense of History: Gilles Deleuze Meets Baroque Playwright Joost van den Vondel Bibliography About the authors