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This cutting-edge collection, born of a belief in the value of approaching ‘translation’ in a wide range of ways, contains essays of interest to students and scholars of translation, literary and textual studies. It provides insights into the relations between translation and comparative literature, contrastive linguistics, cultural studies, painting and other media.
Subjects and authors discussed include: the translator as ‘go-between’; the textual editor as translator; Ghirri’s photography and Celati’s fiction; the European lending library; La Bible d’Amiens; the coining of Italian phraseological units; Michèle Roberts’s Impossible Saints; the impact of modern translations for stage on perceptions of ancient Greek drama; and the translation of slang, intensifiers, characterisation, desire, the self, and America in 1990s Italian fiction.
The collection closes with David Platzer’s discussion of translating Dacia Maraini’s poetry into English and with his new translations of ‘Ho Sognato una Stazione’ (‘I Dreamed of a Station’) and ‘Le Tue Bugie’ (‘Your Lies’).

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Editors’ Preface
Manfred PFISTER: Introduction
Language as Means
Lynne LONG: The European Lending Library: Borrowing, Translating, and Returning Texts
Silvia CACCHIANI: Translating Intensifiers: (Non-)Equivalences Across English and Italian
Stephen COFFEY: The Coining of Italian Phraseological Units Through the Translation of Analogous English Phrases
Elisa MATTIELLO: Difficulty of Slang Translation
Monica BORIA: Translating Humour: The Case of Stefano Benni
Sonia CUNICO: Translating Characterization: Dario Fo’s Morte accidentale Travels to Britain
Kate LITHERLAND: Translating ‘America’ in 90s Italian Fiction
Culture as Target
Emily EELLS: La Bible d’Amiens: Translation and Transformation
Philip SHAW: Translating Desire: Ovid and Three Romantic Poets
Luanda STANNARD: ‘She Rises Anew in my Words’: Translating Sainthood in Michèle Roberts’s Impossible Saints
Languages of Culture
Lorna HARDWICK: Playing Around Cultural Faultlines: The Impact of Modern Translations for the Stage on Perceptions of Ancient Greek Drama
Manfred PFISTER: John/Giovanni Florio: The Translator as Go-Between
Ashley CHANTLER: ‘Paring His Fingernails’? The Textual Editor as Translator
Dave POSTLES: Translating the Self: The Alias, Alas!
Marina SPUNTA: The New Italian Landscape: Between Ghirri’s Photography and Celati’s Fiction
David PLATZER: Translating Dacia; Two Poems
Notes on Contributors
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