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In Romanticism and the Anglo-Hispanic Imaginary, the authors assess British Romanticism’s creative and polemical engagements with the Peninsular War, the bid of Spanish American colonies to establish independence with British support, and the impact of travel narratives about Spain and the Americas. The essays analyze questions of language and translation in Anglo-Hispanic literary genealogies, the representation of war and nationalism in poetry, drama, and prose, and the confluence of empire, gender, and authorship in travel narratives. Scholars and students of Romanticism will find in-depth explorations of the relationship between Britain, Spain, and Latin America during the Napoleonic era and its afterlife in cultural memory.

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Joselyn M. Almeida: Introduction: Of Windmills and New Worlds
Theaters of Liberation
Diego Saglia: Iberian Translations: Writing Spain into British Culture, 1780–1830
Joselyn M. Almeida: ‘Esa gran nación, repartida en ambos mundos’: Transnational Authorship in London and Nation Building in Latin America
Tim Fulford: ‘El Diablo’ and ‘El Ángel del Cielo!’: Thomas and Kitty Cochrane and the Romanticisation of Revolution in South America
Alicia Laspra Rodríguez: Fictionalizing History: British War Literature and the Asturian Uprising of 1808
Susan Valladares: ‘He that can bring the dead to life again’: Resurrecting the Spanish Setting in Coleridge’s Osorio (1797) and Remorse (1813)
Trades and Exchanges
Nanora Sweet: The Forest Sanctuary: The Anglo-Hispanic Uncanny in Felicia Hemans and José María Blanco White
Rebecca Cole Heinowitz: The Spanish American Bubble and Britain’s Crisis of Informal Empire, 1822–1826
Maria Eugenia Perojo Arronte: Antonio Alcalá Galiano, Anglo-Hispanic Cultural Exchange, and the Idea of a Spanish ‘National’ Literature
Jeffrey Cass: Fighting Over the Woman’s Body: Representations of Spain and the Staging of Gender
Cristina Flores: ‘Imported seeds’: The Role of William Wordsworth in Miguel de Unamuno’s Poetic Renewal
Vistas and Extensions
Jeffrey Scraba: ‘Dear Old Romantic Spain’: Washington Irving Imagines Andalucía
M. Soledad Caballero and Jennifer Hayward: ‘An occasional trait of Scotch shrewdness’: Narrating Nationalism in Frances Calderón de la Barca’s Life in Mexico
Jessica Damián: ‘These Civil Wars of Nature’: Annotating South America’s Natural and Political History in Maria Graham’s Journal of a Residence in Chile (1824)
Fernando González Moreno and Beatriz González Moreno: (Re) Discovering Spain: English Travellers and the Belated Picturesque Tour
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