Collective Creativity

Collaborative Work in the Sciences, Literature and the Arts


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Collective Creativity combines complex and ambivalent concepts. While ‘creativity’ is currently experiencing an inflationary boom in popularity, the term ‘collective’ appeared, until recently, rather controversial due to its ideological implications in twentieth-century politics. In a world defined by global cultural practice, the notion of collectivity has gained new relevance. This publication discusses a number of concepts of creativity and shows that, in opposition to the traditional ideal of the individual as creative genius, cultural theorists today emphasize the collaborative nature of creativity; they show that ‘creativity makes alterity, discontinuity and difference attractive’. Not the Romantic Originalgenie, but rather the agents of the ‘creative economy’ appear as the new avant-garde of aesthetic innovation: teams, groups and collectives in business and science, in art and digital media who work together in networking clusters to develop innovative products and processes.
In this book, scholars in the social sciences and in cultural and media studies, in literature, theatre and visual arts present for the first time a comprehensive, inter- and transdisciplinary account of collective creativity in its multifaceted applications. They investigate the intersections of artistic, scientific and cultural practice where the individual and the collective merge, come together or confront each other.

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Gerhard Fischer and Florian Vassen: Introduction. Collective Creativity: Traditional Patterns and New Paradigms
Historical and Theoretical Reflections on Creative Collaboration
Rolf G. Renner: Subversion of Creativity and the Dialectics of the Collective
David Roberts: From the Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism to the Creative Economy: Reflections on the New Spirit of Art and Capitalism
Annette Vowinckel: Is Simulation a Collective Creative Practice?
Gerd Koch and Sinah Marx: Collective Creative Processes in Behavioural Studies: Community Theatre as an Agency of Political Research and Action
Peter F. N. Hörz and Marcus Richter: Old Know-how for New Challenges: East Germans and Collective Creativity? Two Anthropological Case Studies
The Caesura around 1800: Collectivity and Individuality
Franz-Josef Deiters: From Collective Creativity to Authorial Primacy: Gottsched’s Reformation of the German Theatre from a Mediological Point of View
Gabriele Fois-Kaschel: Synergetic Art Production: Choreography in Classical and Neo-classical Discourse on Performative Arts
Susanne Ledanff: Kindred Spirits: Collective Explorations of Individuality in the Classical Period (Goethe, Schiller, Wilhelm von Humboldt)
Alan Corkhill: Keeping it in the Family? The Creative Collaborations of Sophie and Dorothea Tieck
Axel Fliethmann: Vision around 1800: The Panorama as Collective Artwork
Visual Arts, New Media and Internet
Danny McDonald, Katherine McDonald and Gavin Lambert: DEXA-Dan: Embedding the Corporeal Body
Janet Chan, Roanna Gonsalves and Noreen Metcalfe: Bridging the Two Cultures: The Fragility of Interdisciplinary Creative Collaboration
Annette Hamilton: Neo Rauch: Post-socialist Vision, Collective Memories
Tara Forrest: Creative Co-productions: Alexander Kluge’s Television Experiments
Roman Marek: Creativity Meets Circulation: Internet Videos, Amateurs and the Process of Evolution
Collective Writing
Thomas Ernst: From Avant-Garde to Capitalistic Teamwork: Collective Writing between Subversion and Submission
Christiane Weller: Travelling Companions: Cook’s Second Voyage in the Writing of Georg and Johann Reinhold Forster
Alison Lewis: The Romancing of Collective Creativity: The ‘Bitterfelder Weg’ in Brigitte Reimann’s Letters and Diaries
Stefanie Kreuzer: Intertextuality as Mandatory Collective Creativity? Textual Interconnection in Klaus Hoffer’s Novel Bei den Bieresch
Christopher Kelen: Community in the Translation/Response Continuum: Poetry as Dialogic Play
Collectivity and Theatre Arts
Florian Vassen: From Author to Spectator: Collective Creativity as a Theatrical Play of Artists and Spectators
Ulrike Garde: Spotlight on the Audience: Collective Creativity in Recent Documentary and Reality Theatre from Australia and Germany
Meg Mumford: Fluid Collectives of Friendly Strangers: The Creative Politics of Difference in the Reality Theatre of Rimini Protokoll and Urban Theatre Projects
Günther Heeg: Transcultural Gestures: Collective Engagement in Theatre, Practice of Separation and Intermedial Crystallizations
Gerhard Fischer: Call for Papers: The Sydney German Studies Symposium 2009
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