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Locating Italy: East and West in British-Italian Transactions is part of a series of books that examines cross-cultural processes between Britain and Italy. The volume explores for the first time British-Italian exchanges in terms of East-West, rather than North-South. In so doing, it reveals that Italy has long been a meeting point of East and West as much as one of North and South. Comprising essays from the fields of history, politics, the philosophy of language, linguistics, literature, and the arts, the collection illustrates that the dynamics of British–Italian transactions have long been shaped by a fascinating process of location and relocation. Locating Italy is pathbreaking in questioning the traditional categories of North, South, East, and West in interactions between these two countries and their respective cultures.

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Notes on Contributors
Pages: 237–240
Kirsten Sandrock and Owain Wright: Locating Italy: East and West in British–Italian Transactions
Processes of Othering in Intercultural Exchanges
Jean–Jacques Lecercle: Othering the Other: English and Italian in Transaction
Owain Wright: Orientalising Italy: The British and Italian Political Culture
Ting Zheng: ‘East or West, Home is Best’? An Examination of European Images of China as the Cultural Other
Painted Art as Intercultural Medium
Emily Eells: Viewing the Mona Lisa ‘under a strange mixture of lights’
Nick Pearce: A Casualty of War: Laurence Binyon, Raphael Petrucci and Chinese Painting
Occident and Orient in British–Italian Literature
Sharon Ouditt: Eastern Promise in Puglia: Janet Ross on Frederick II and his Muslim Court
Kirsten Sandrock: Venice in Coryat’s Crudities (1611): Between Multicultural Community and Christian Archetype
Martin Stannard: Venice Observed: East Meets West in Muriel Spark’s Territorial Rights
Intercultural Translations in Language Transactions
Carla Dente: Theory and Practice of Translation between East and West. The Location of Some Cultural Issues
Antonella De Nicola: Sharing Eastern Visions: Reflections upon Fausta Cialente’s Translation of The Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell
Daniele Franceschi: ‘Languaging’ and the Construction of Tuscan Identity in Jeff Shapiro’s Renato’s Luck
Notes on Contributors
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