Oriental Panorama

British Travellers in 19th Century Turkey


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"Schiffer, already an acknowledged expert on the nineteenth-century British encounter with Turkey, provides an authoritative account of a neglected area of nineteenth-century oriental travel, and (…) provides a useful resource both for Ottoman historians and students of travel writing." - in: Review of English Studies, Vol. 52, No. 205 (2001)
"…this is an engaging, important book, essential reading for scholars interested in British perceptions of ‘the Orient’." - in: Victorian Studies, Summer 2001
"… a very welcome and useful contribution to the field of travel literature." in: ZAA, Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik, XLIX Jahrgang 2001, Heft 1, 1. Vierteljahr
1. Preface. 2. Illustrations. 3. Travails: the Material and Mental Conditions of Travelling to and in Turkey. 4. Cutthroats: British Travellers and the Hazards of Piracy and Banditry. 5. The Genius of the Place: Images of the Turkish Countryside. 6. Useless Urns: Travellers and their Search for Classical Antiquities. 7. Le Petit Paris du Levant: 19th Century Izmir. 8. 19th Century Istanbul as Aesthetic Object. 9. Istanbul as Labyrinth. 10. Lions: the Sights of Istanbul. 11. Ottoman Slavery. 12. Manifestations of Islam. 13. Ottoman Outdoor Recreations. 14. Ottoman Meals and British Palates. 15. Body and Soul: The Physical and Moral Character of the Ottoman Turks. 16. Odious Comparisons: Images of Greeks, Armenians and Jews. 17. The Invention of Ottoman Women. 18. God's Shadows on Earth: the Sultans. 19. Silken Cords: The Visibility of Ottoman Justice. 20. Our Man in Istanbul: Travellers and the Critics. 21. Brief Lives: The Careers, Routes and Views of Travellers in Turkey and the Verdict of the Periodicals. Selective Index. Key to Periodicals. Primary Sources. Secondary Sources.