The Novel in Anglo-German Context

Cultural Cross-Currents and Affinities


Editor: Susanne Stark
The Novel in Anglo-German Context focuses on cross-currents and affinities between fiction written in English and fiction written in German, and the thirty-one contributors to this volume cover authors from the eighteenth century to the present day.
The essays collected in this book approach the theme of Anglo-German cultural cross-fertilisation from a number of different angles. These include the reception and translation of foreign authors, the examination of exile writers, the comparative exploration of aspects which are crucial to both German, Austrian or Swiss and British or Irish novelists at a given point in time, the fictional depiction of the respective other culture, Anglo-German images in the novel, as well as the role of the novel in the curricula of German and British secondary education.
The topics chosen by the contributors offer stimulating views on a wide range of subject areas, and the volume is essential reading for anyone with a broad interest in Anglo-Irish, German, Austrian and Swiss literature, the development of fiction as well as Anglo-German literary and cultural relations.


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Review Quotes

”…offering a series of perceptive, well-researched studies of the novel in an Anglo-German context which in their scholarly excellence do credit to the University of Leeds […] and to Susanne Stark…” in: Archiv für das Studium der neueren Sprachen und Literaturen, Band 239, Jahrgang 154, 2. Halbjahresband 2002, pp. 376-378

Table of contents

Preface EIGHTEENTH CENTURY Hermann J. REAL: Gulliver's Travels into Remote Eighteenth-Century Germany Astrid KRAKE: Der deutsche Richardson: Übersetzungsgeschichte als Beitrag zur Rezeptionsgeschichte Gerald BÄR: Cornelia Goethe - An Individuality out of Richardson's Novels Daniel HALL: The Gothic Tide: Schauerroman and Gothic Novel in the Late Eighteenth Century NINETEENTH CENTURY Rosemary ASHTON: The Figure of the German Professor in Nineteenth-Century English Fiction Fred BRIDGHAM: Kleist's Familie Schroffenstein and ‘Monk’ Lewis's Mistrust: Give and Take Hartmut STEINECKE: British-deutsche Romanlektüren im frühen neunzehnten Jahrhundert - Hoffmann und Scott zum Beispiel Peter HASUBEK: Das Geheimnis des schwarzen Ritters oder Scott und Immermann Mary HOWARD: The Sphinx of the European World. German Fiction and the ‘Novel’ in Great Britain after the Time of Napoleon Christina UJMA: England und die Engländer in Fanny Lewalds Romanen und Reiseberichten Susanne STARK: Dickens in German Guise? Anglo-German Cross-Currents in the Nineteenth-Century Reception of Gustav Freytag's Soll und Haben Norbert BACHLEITNER: Die deutsche Rezeption englischer Romanautorinnen des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts, insbesondere Charlotte Brontës Michael ANDERMATT: ‘Engelland’ als Metapher. Walter Scott, Augustin Thierry und das mittelalterliche England in Conrad Ferdinand Meyers Novelle Der Heilige Patrick BRIDGWATER: Who's Afraid of Sidonia von Bork? Diane MILBURN: ‘Denn die Toten reiten schnell’: Anglo-German Cross-Currents in Bram Stoker's Dracula TWENTIETH CENTURY Elmar SCHENKEL: Paradoxical Affinities. Chesterton and Nietzsche Andreas KRAMER: Nationality and Avant-Garde: Anglo-German Affairs in Wyndham Lewis's Tarr Peter SKRINE: Hall Caine's The Woman of Knockaloe. An Anglo-German War Novel from the Isle of Man André BUCHER: Joyce und das literarische Labor der Moderne. Die deutsche Ulysses-Rezeption in der Zwischenkriegszeit Holger KLEIN: The Little Man in the Big City in Earlier Twentieth-Century English and German Novels: Notes towards a Comparative Study J.M. RITICHIE: Writing in the Language of the Other: German and Austrian Novelists in Exile in Great Britain Joachim SCHWEND: David Lodge, Out of the Shelter. Rites of Passage into Paradise? Ute DAPPRICH-BARRETT: Magical Realism: Sources and Affinities in Contemporary German and English Writing David HORROCKS: The Undisciplined Past: Novel Approaches to History in Grass and Rushdie David A. GREEN: Authoritarians and Chamchas: Social Milieux and Politics in Grass's Die Blechtrommel and Rushdie's Midnight's Children Gundula SHARMAN: Elective Affinities with Ireland: John Banville's The Newton Letter and Goethe's Die Wahlverwandtschaften Sabine HOTHO: ‘The Rescue of Some Stranded Ghost’ - The Rewriting of Literary History in Contemporary British and German Novels Harald HUSEMANN: If Adolf Had Come; If Helmut Were to Come Osman DURRANI: The Campus and its Novel: Dietrich Schwanitz's Literary Exploration of German University Life Adelheid PETRUSCHKE-ABRAMOVICI: Der englische Roman auf dem deutschen Lehrplan Gary CHAMBERS: The German Novel on the A-Level Syllabus Notes on Contributors