Heroism and Passion in Literature

Studies in Honour of Moya Longstaffe


Editor: Graham Gargett
This volume, prompted by the publication in 1999 of Moya Longstaffe's remarkable study, Metamorphoses of Passion and the Heroic in French Literature: Corneille, Stendhal, Claudel, further investigates and analyses the multiple appearances of Passion and Heroism in literature. It pursues the exploration of these themes in a variety of cultures (English, French, German, Spanish), genres, and critical approaches. In addition, the chronological span represented is extremely wide. Contributions range from La Fontaine, Molière and Voltaire to Rimbaud and Camus; from Baudelaire to Beckett; from Wagner to Goytisolo. This very diversity gives necessary context, providing scope for reflection and analysis. Although passion seems timeless, can heroism have any real meaning - apart from an individual and existential one - in our postmodern age? Has a notion at the centre of European culture for so many centuries really disappeared from our intellectual and cultural universe? This volume will be of interest to all students of literature, whatever their critical or linguistic allegiance, since it focuses on the varying manifestations of two vital ingredients of all societies and cultures.

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Graham Gargett is Professor of French Culture and Ideas at the University of Ulster. Before working in Northern Ireland, he studied at the Universities of Reading and East Anglia and taught English in France for several years. His publications include Voltaire and Protestantism (Oxford, 1980), a revised version of his doctoral thesis; Jacob Vernet, Geneva and the ‘Philosophes’ (Oxford, 1994); and a monograph on the abbé Trublet published in the Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century. He also co-edited, with Geraldine Sheridan, Ireland and the French Enlightenment, 1700-1800 (Basingstoke, 1999). He is currently President of the Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society.
Notes on the Contributors Moya Longstaffe: A Tribute Bibliography of Moya Longstaffe’s Writings Introduction Part One The Early Modern Period H.T. BARNWELL: Heroic Discourse? A Note on Racine’s Bérénice Angela RYAN: The Lost Heroine and the Memetics of Cultural Inscription in Euripides’s Hippolytus and Racine’s Phèdre John CAMPBELL: The Twilight of Heroism: Ambition and Ambitions in La Princesse de Clèves Robert McBRIDE : Le Héros moliéresque et les pièges du langage Jane McKEE; A Passion for the Scriptures: The Biblical Sonnets of Laurent Drelincourt Marité OUBRIER : La Fontaine: Anti-Hero or Reluctant Hero? Graham GARGETT : Voltaire’s L’Ingénu, the Journal chrétien and Saint-Foix: A New Source for Hercule de Kerkabon? Part Two The Nineteenth Century Brian Keith-Smith: A Germanic Hero Par Excellence? Richard Wagner in Paris Anne JUDGE and Solange LAMOTHE: Stendhal’s Style and the Expression of Passion and Heroism Elisabeth M. LILLIE: Heroes of the Mind: The Intellectual Elite in the Work of Ernest Renan John McCANN : Heroism and Villainy in Les Fleurs du Mal Henri GODIN : Bel-Ami: postérité d’un héros Part Three The Twentieth Century Marie-Joséphine WHITAKER : Rimbaud, Claudel: la passion du voyage Alan GABBEY: The ‘Last Great Voice of Soldierly Heroism’ and the Philosophy of Rationalism: Péguy on Descartes Michael R. JONES: The Passion of Adam von Trott: the Heroic Stance of the Foreign Minister of the German Resistance John H. GILLESPIE: Camus’s Passionate Heroes Gerard M. MACKLIN: (Un)Sung Heroes in the Drama of Samuel Beckett Angela CHAMBERS: Prophets and Heroes: Ideology and Aesthetics in Aimé Césaire’s Poetic Stanley BLACK: The Author as Hero in the New World Order: The Power of Fictionality in Goytisolo’s El sitio de los sitios Richard YORK: Evelyn Waugh’s Farewell to Heroism Philip TAYLOR: A Passion for Debate: French Communist Party Internal Opposition from Garaudy to Fiterman Pól Ó DOCHARTAIGH: Jewish Outsiders as Anti-Heroes in Jurek Becker’s Novels Index