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In the last decades, there has been an intense debate on the relationship between literature and historiography, often linked to the debate between “empiricists” and “postmodernists”. The aim of this collective work is to address this debate, and to search for new ways of thinking and encountering the past.
The key note for the book comes from Hayden White, one of the leading academic figures, whose role in launching the contemporary history/literature debate has been crucial. It is followed by three critical readings of his work, all suggesting new ways to apply or challenge his views. In other chapters of the book, history / literature question is then addressed from three points of view: narrativity, history as literature, and literature as history.
Tropes for the Past is an ideal introduction to the literature/historiography debate and Hayden White’s role in it. It will be of use for all students and scholars in the philosophy of history and in historically oriented literary, cultural, and social studies.

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Series Editors
Norbert Bachleitner, Universität Wien, Austria
Juliane WernerUniversität Wien, Austria

Founded by Alberto Martino

Editorial Board
Paul Ferstl, Universität Wien, Austria
Rüdiger Görner, Queen Mary, University of London, UK
Stephanie M. Hilger, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA
Achim Hölter, Universität Wien, Austria
John A. McCarthy, Vanderbilt University
Manfred Pfister, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Sven H. Rossel, Universität Wien, Austria
Chenxi Tang, University of California at Berkeley, California, USA
Kuisma KORHONEN: General Introduction: The History/Literature Debate
I Hayden White and Textuality of History
Introduction to Part I
Hayden WHITE: Historical Discourse and Literary Writing
Herman PAUL: An Ironic Battle against Irony: Epistemological and Ideological Irony in Hayden White’s Philosophy of History,1955-1973
Stanley CORKIN and Phyllis FRUS: History and Textuality: Film and the Modernist Event
Kalle PIHLAINEN: The Confines of the Form: Historical Writing and the Desire that It Be what It Is Not
II Narrativity
Introduction to Part II
Karl-Heinz STIERLE: Narrativization of the World
Matti HYVÄRINEN: Life as Sequence and Narrative: Hayden White Meets Paul Auster
III History as Literature
Introduction to Part III
Andrew BURRELL: Narratives of the Fake: The Collected Object, Personal Histories and Constructed Memory
Fiona MCINTOSH-VARJABÉDIAN: Probability and Persuasion in 18th-Century and 19th-Century Historical Writing
Claire NORTON : Fiction or Non-fiction? Ottoman Accounts of the Siege of Nagykanizsa
IV Literature as History
Introduction to Part IV
Markku LEHTIMÄKI: History as a Crazy House: Norman Mailer, Hayden White, and the Representation of the Modernist Event
Olabode IBIRONKE: Monumental Time in Caribbean Literature
Lara OKIHIRO: Divergence and Confluence: Mapping the Streams of Hiroshima
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