Authors and their Centuries


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James E. BLACKBURN: Thematic Unity in the Jeu de la feuillée. Norris J. LACY: Villon in his World: The View and Point-of-View of the Testament. Marcel TËTEL: Montaigne: Evolution or Convolution? Laurence ROMERO: Baroque Perspectives on Molière. Robert N. NICOLICH: Baroque Ostentation and Domination: Molière's Seventeenth-Century Consciousness. Michael S. KOPPISCH: La Bruyère's Changing Perspective on the Monarchy: From Aesthetics to Politics. David Highnam: Crébillon Fils in Context: The Rococo Ethos in French Literature in the Early 18th Century. William R. WOMACK: Guillaume Raynal's Histoire Philosophique: Summing Up the Eighteenth Century. John N. PAPPAS: The Role of the Poet in Eighteenth Century French Society. Gregory LUDLOW: A Successful Novelist-Tradesman: Pigault-Lebrun. Laurence M. PORTER: The Emergence of a Romantic Style: From De la Littérature to De l'Allemagne. A.A. GREAVES: Some French Novelists and the Problems of Realism. Maria KRONEGGER: Authors and Impressionist Reality. James P. MCNAB: The Emergence of Jean Cocteau as Poet in the 1920's. David O'CONNELL: French Novelists of Indochina in the Interwar Years. Rima DRELL RECK: World War II and the French Novel.
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